The perfect bag for school!

Hi all¬†ūüėö

Hope you all are having I great start off the week. My self, I am feeling a little bit tired today after having maybe one to many gin-tonics at yesterdays work-party¬†ūüėĀ¬†Luckily I am off today, as I have just gone part-time this week, and today I have gone to Uni for the first time to enroll – so all ready to start soon!

On that note I wanted to write to you about my determined search for the perfect school/shopper bag. Previously I have been using my Tiger Of Sweden business style shopper, but all the weight from my laptop, books etc. is just doing to much damage to it. And that counts for all types off bags were the handle is sewn onto the bag – no matter how good the¬†quality is. So now I prefer “one piece” tote bags and have been using a really boring one from H&M for a while¬†– but¬†it is just way to plain/lame¬†and now it’s time for a new one – especially since I am starting on a whole new Uni ūüėČ

I have been looking a lot and when I saw this one from COS I just fell in love straight¬†away. It looks like a little piece off art and I am sure that no matter what outfit you’re wearing it will give you a dash off elegance and style! I went out to see it in live and it was even prettier! But unfortunately it is just a tiny bit to small for all the stuff I am going to be carrying around¬†(soo disappointing). I need to keep on looking for the perfect back – but if you have a really small laptop and not so many books, you should so buy this. Maybe I’ll do it anyway – you can always use an extra shopper. I have also considered this one, also from COS, which is really cool and urban – but I just don’t know if I can commit to not having things in my bag that I don’t want people to see!

Anyway I’ll let you know when I find the perfect one – and I¬†wish you all an amazing evening <3

Lots of love
– Maja