Favorite jeans; patched denim!


Hey all 😚

I just came back from Camden market, where I ate waaay to much – so I am feeling a bit like laying down the rest of the evening;) Am the biggest fan of street food, and love how you can try really different food from all over the world in one place! After I been living in London for a while I will try to make a street food post where I blog about the best street food stands in London. So far I am making my way through them, and have been to Shoreditch, Borough and Camden food markets, where I have tried some extremely tasty food!
Anyway that post is coming up later (after I have been eating some more;) ).

Now for this post!: I’ve always loved denim! And I’ve always thought of denim as something I can always look good in and feel comfortable in too! This season there is a new denim-jeans-trend that I am seeing everywhere and I am a huge fan of!; patched denim.

I bought these really cool denim/black jeans from Monki!:) They have a perfect fit as well. Monki have made a similar stilled denim jacket, which is soo awesome as well (not mixed with the jeans of course).
I have made a little collection of some of the coolest styles – so if you are in love with the trend like me take a look!

Goodnight and sleep tight<3

– Maja

monki-2Monki Jeans

From left; Nastygal, Levis, Frame, Balenciaga, Rag & Bone, Isabel Marant