THE best and game-changing top coat (!)


Good morning everyone! 😚

I was going to write this post yesterday, but then I ended up lying sick all day.. A really annoying day yesterday. I had to wait 2 hours at the doctor to get the antibiotics.
So annoying that everything here in the UK has to take soo long – from signing up to the gym, library, getting a bank account. It’s like whatever you do you need to go through a little system of people who needs to verify who you are, before you can get voted valid to join the actual practise, library etc. It is crazy how I can feel so much of a culture difference just from Denmark to here. U.K is way much Americanised than I thought.

All right that was a little morning complaining from me – now I’ll stop and get to the actually post – something much much less serious and more girly 🙌
UK may be annoying in some fields, but it did help me find this little miracle of a top coat. Seriously, being a beauty-junkie, I have tried so many different ones, and some good ones as well, but this really makes a huge difference! It makes your nail polish last more than double as long as usual (ore with other coats I’ve tried)!!!
The wonder is from Essie and is called Essie Nail Lacquer, gel couture – here.You should put it one when your nail polish is still wet, actually just 1 min/30 seconds after you apply it. It should be a very generous layer, and the coat will sink down into the polish and make it stronger, and at the same time create a little gel-like beautiful top layer on your nail. AND the best thing – within 5 minutes it is so dry that you can actually do something with your life, other than sitting and waiting for your nails to dry. I have always been so bad at waiting for stuff like that, so I always ends up ruining my nail polish before it is complete dry. 
This is really a game-changer if you are big on nail polish – and it’s even kind of cheap!;)

Have a really nice day everyone😘

– Maja

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset