Mids-season Sale – The BEST items!


Hey all 😘

I hope you have had an amazing week! Mine have been fairly stressed, with studying and so on. And a little bit confusing as well! There is a lot of things to decide and that demands you attention when you start so many new things – and they all just feels like life-important decisions right now. In the end they really doesn’t matter that much, but it feels that way when you in it! And I just need to remind my self to take one day at a time (we all do!).

Anyway! Sale is here! And that can be a really good distraction to get your head away from study/work-stress for a couple of hours – because there’s A LOT of great items!!
Sometimes I don’t have the energy though, to go through aaaaaall the sale items, because(let’s be honest) there’re always more “not so amazing” items than items you actually want to buy. Also I very easily get “blinded” by the sale and just buy something I think is nice because it’s 50% off. Something that I actually didn’t really want – I could live without.
Therefore I have made a little collection of some amaaaazing sale items from some of my favourite stores that is definitely worth checking out! They all have really generous discounts as well – 50%+!

As some of you might notice, the bag I blogged about just last week is now on sale(!!), which practically forces me to buy it. right?! But, I really loooove the jacket from Cos as well (3. picture), so I have to do some choosing. 

Now I will go out and enjoy my friday night! Hope you will as well, (or just relax on the sofa sounds pretty good too ! )

Lots of love
– Maja

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