Delicious and (very) popular restaurant i Soho


Hello all, and good sunday¬†ūüėė

So I tried this restaurants a couple of weeks ago, and actually think it is one of the best indian vegetarian experiences¬†I have had – ever! I found the place¬†looking for vegetarian-friendly restaurants in London, and wanted to try it because of all the amazing reviews it has¬†on various review-platforms. So it is not vegetarian, but half of the¬†menu is, so there is plenty of choices for both “veggie- and meat-eathers”. Furthermore, the restaurant advertises with only having, free-range eggs and meat,¬†which I think is really awesome!
The concept of the restaurant is different from the traditional Indian restaurant – both the atmosphere and the food!¬†The place is really gigantic, and when I was¬†walking in there, I remember¬†thinking; wow, how can this place just keep on going?!! I’am always really skeptic when restaurants have so many seatings, as I am thinking how the kitchen can prepare food for so many at so high speed, without having to have food ready made. But this place¬†certainly¬†proved my wrong!¬†

Anyway, the “rooms” in the restaurants are all decorated in kind of different indian styles, and the atmosphere is really hip, trendy and (well) soho.
Instead of having the typical Indian stew-dishes (butter chicken etc.) they have dishes with only meat/vegetarian and then you order the rice + sauce/curry on the side. So they’ll have a range of different Indian sauces/toppings (I am not sure what they’re called, but you know what I am talking about) to choose from, and then you order a couple of them, some rice, naan breads, mesh and 1 or 2 main dishes and just share everything. I thought it was a really nice way of doing it, and the vegetarian dish I got was amazing.¬†
I would say it is medium prices and you get good value for the money!¬†If you want to try Dishoom then come in good time, and take a cocktail or something like that at the table before you order – as the restaurant is doing that hipster-trend were it’s not possible to book a table. We went there¬†at 6, and when we got out at like 8:45 there was a hugh¬†line of people + a fully packed waiting room to get in(?!) – and that was a wednesday..

Talk to you again soon and have an amazing day!

– Maja

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