Wonder-cure for sensitive/blemished and dry skin!

Good afternoon to all 😘
I hope you are all well and happy!
I have just had the most annoying day! I was trying to top-up my phone subscription. First the site was down for like 2 hours – than after talking to a guy from the company for forever he told me that my card was being rejected by the bank (even though there is more than enough money on there!). I have changed to the same bank that I have in Denmark, which have opened a branch here in London, so you would think it would be an easy transfer. But after 8 weeks from starting the process of opening an account there is still problems! So I tried to call them for the last minutes I had left on my subscription, but then the called died because I ran out.. 😠
Just that kind of day where you feel like the whole world is against you!! 
Buuuut now I think (after a lot of effort) that things worked out, I have money on my phone again, and I got rid of some I my aggressions writing this post 😁 ! And hopefully my evening plans: going out for some nice sushi, can turn the day around! (It always can). 

What I’ve been wanting to share with you, or the whole world ( at least everybody who have dealt with skin problems) for along time, is Clinique’s genius invention: Super Defence Night Recovery Moisturizer! I have now been using it for 6 months – and as I said before, being a beauty-product junkie, I am always looking for something that can a little more, or is a little better, so when I am sticking with something it really is because it’s making a different! I’ve always had blemished, oily and very dry skin at the same time. For years when I was younger I would buy products for oily skin – but after talking to a beautician many years ago a found out that my skin was actually very sensitive and dry and adding all of those “oily skin” products only made my skin produce more oil, as it was longing for thirst. 
So this cream is amazing first of all because it is a night-moisturizer, which is the most important product for your skin: the skin needs the most care in the night where it is rebuilding and renewing. + it is without any alcohol, parabens or perfumes. It is very suitable for sensitive skin! Furthermore it doesn’t only moisture your skin, it goes in and helped the skin to be able to “moisture it self” so dry skin won’t produce so much oil and be way more balanced! 
I know it sounds to good to be true, but trust me – you should try it! It’s a bit expensive but I would honestly have paid more for the benefits! 

Now I really da have to run out the door, if I’am gonna make to my dinner plans. Have a really nice night everyone and talk to you soon.

Lots of love 
– Maja

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset