One and only cleansing product for sensitive skin that works!


Hallo all and happy happy saturday!

I am really looking forward for today, as I am going to the UrbanFoodFest in Shoreditch to have some amazing street food for lunch! (and hopefully also a little bit shopping 😉 )
I told you before about my love for street food. I don’t know what it is, I think just a mix of the relaxed urban atmosphere, culture and the change to try some food you never had before. And I always have such good food experiences compared to how much a pay, when I go for street food.
So I am doing that and later I might go out trying to reload from this crazy study week 😁 It depends a little bit on how I am feeling as I was lying sick all day yesterday (nice friday, I know), and I really don’t want to do same next week, as I am feeling a bit better today!
Another thing I really want to fit into the plans today if there is time is the London Chocolate festival/show, which just sounds like heaven?! I don’t think I need to explain anything here, just the phrase chocolate festival says it all!😊

To the post; I been using this cleanser/make-up remover for a long time now, and it is just amazing on sensitive skin. I have tried a lot of great cleansers that have worked, but none of them really fitted my sensitive skin well enough and left either the skin or the eyes a bit irritated. This one really removes even the “party-makeup” without irritating the skin in anyway, and especially if you have sensitive and dry eyes (reduced tear production) this is amazing!
It is free of all the “bad stuff” (parabens etc.) and is furthermore great if you have dry skin as it moisturises the skin while it is cleansing it!
The wonderment is from Bioderma and is called Hydrabio H20. It is really worth trying if you have sensitive skin! Really often blemished, prone and inharmonic skin starts with our cleansing routine, as a lot of the products contains alcohol, perfume etc. which is just so hurtful for our skin. So even if you don’t think your skin is sensitive – it could make a big different on your skin-balance, using a hypoallergenic product to cleans.

Well, that was all for me, for now. Have an great weekend everybody! 😚

– Maja


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