Fabulous drugstore products that are BETTER than their luxury-brand opponents


Hey thereūüėö

I had a really intense study day today, and am now sitting (up against my new amazing pillow from Society6, important detail) with my laptop, a cup of tea (I know, I am getting all english), some chilling music, and just need to think about something very fare from anything academic or study related. Not that my brain would be able to anyway. I am just in that mood were I am craving having a big glass of redwine and watching some bad netflix.
Instead I will share a list with you, that is very fare from anything study related as wellūüėČ

To be honest I truly believe and agree with that quality comes at a price, and unfortunately it is like that with most of the goods in life. Especially with beauty product the price generally matches the quality and effect, and I always prefer to buy good quality products that I can¬†rely on, rather¬†than buying 10 different drugstore products that I’am¬†never fully satisfied with. I think that’s actually cheaper in the long run anyway – at least for me; when buying a “semi-bad” quality drugstore product I always end up buying a new one before finishing the first one – and in the time I would have used one of my favourite good-quality products I’ll have used 3 of the not-so-good-products.¬†
BUT luckily there is an exception to this. There is some cheap drugstore products that I choose, not because they are cheap but because I think they are the best products out there! – and of course it doesn’t hurt that they aren’t abusing¬†my¬†bank account.¬†

The products I would choose any day over their luxury-brand opposers:

  1. Maybelline Brow Drama, £ 4,99;
    Hands down the best brow mascara I have ever tried! Or brow product in general. I’ve so light eyebrows and have always gotten them coloured at a professional, but since using this product I actually don’t find it necessary because it’s so easy to use and give the same effect.
  2. Batiste Dry Shampoo, £ 4,99;
    If you haven’t tried this product already I don’t know were you’ve been. It has won beauty awards for best dry shampoo, and I must agree! – Best senses is the “clean and classic” or the “blush – floral and flirty”.
  3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, £ 4,99;
    This product is kind of a legend in the mascara world, I think it’s even the worlds most purchased. With good reason! It has the perfect brush to create whatever kind of lashes you want, from long and adorable¬†to thick and bold. It’s very ugly, but genius and so cheap!
  4. Trevor Sorbie, Curls and Waves Firm Hold Curl Cream, £ 5,40
    This is a new discovery of mine and I am soooo happy I finally found a curl cream that works for me!¬†You don’t even need to use a diffuser, just put a small amount in your hair and let it dry. The curls look amazing and isn’t crunchy or dry at all – but soft and bouncy!
  5. Max Factor, Masterpiece Max Mascara, £ 9,99
    Another mascara that I’ve gone back to so many times! It truly gives you that deer-eyed look, with the longest lashes ever.
  6. Gosh, Intense Eye Liner Pen, £6,99
    I almost never use Eye Liner, but when I do I want it to be perfect and the liner from Gosh easily makes me able to do that! Doubtless the best one I have tried, and it even has a nice lasting.
  7. Korres Lip Butter, £8,00
    Korres is a greek pharmacy brand that have made its way into international drugstores not so long ago – and it’s amazing! I am for sure addicted to lip balms/butters – it’s my weekness – and Korres is one of my new favourites. The shea-butter makes your lips baby-soft and all the colours are so pretty!
  8. Aussie, 3 minute miracle moisture, £ 4,99
    I think you’ve heard of this product and most of you have surely tried it, but anyway it’s the best in-shower hair-cure on the market (unless you want to spend an hour waiting). Seriously, try it if you haven’t already!

Hope some of you got¬†inspired and will be able to save some money next time you need to fill up the beauty stock!¬†I have to get up really early tomorrow, so I will hurry up and hop into bed. Sleep well everyone and talk to you soonūüėä

– Maja

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