Healthy and beautiful from the inside and out – the miracle of coconut oil!


Hey there and happy thursday😚

The most embarrassing thing just happened to me!! I was walking looking for some coffee on the way home after finishing a day at uni, and I must be more tired than I thought, because I literary just fell over main own two feet as long as I am on the ground.. There was like 5 people running over to ask if I were okay – which were really really nice – but I just wanted to dig my self into a whole.

I am okay, I only got a little scratch on my hand and my new awesome pineapple tote bag got a bit dirty(!😬) but other than that it was only the chock (and the total humiliation).

While I am slowly getting over my awkward moment I want to share my terrific excitement for coconut oil and all its amazing benefits – from skin to hair to health!
I use the pure and nature-based product everyday, and to show you all the different ways that I use it, it is necessary to make a “short” list:

Intense hair moisture treatment: So I have preciously been blogging about my homemade hair-cure/balm – here – which I use the days that I’m not washing my hair to give it the same fresh, shiny and lush look. But in fact I also use it as an overnight deep-cure treatment before washing my hair (which is like every 3. day) – and it works better than any other expensive in-depth cures I’ve been using. It have to work for at least 8-10 hours and it helps if you mildly use a hair blower to give it some heat before you wash it out. I can for sure see a change on my hair after using it – and on top off that coconut oil contains nourishments and vitamins that helps strengthen the hair! If you have straight thinner hair it is probably enough using it 1 time a week, as it is really moisturising! You need to wash it a bit thoroughly to get it out though – but it’s worth it.

Get rid off dandruff: As surfering from dry and sensitive skin I have been dealing with periods of dandruff as well, and have throughout the years tried several products to fight it. As with my skin I found out that the dandruff is actually caused by dry skin and harsh hairproducts that dry out the scalp – so my solution have been to use a very mild shampoo – suitable for sensitive skin and at the same time use coconut oil on my scalp (as well over night before washing my hair 2. times a week) – the fat acids go in and actively fight the dry and flaky skin that courses dandruff. If your dandruff occurs from a fungus instead of dryness (which is also very common) coconut oil contains noutrishments that successfully have proven to fight the infection better than a lot of dandruff shampoo’s!

Detangle and fight frizziness: Usually I don’t comb my hair (only when it’s wet)- as it ruins my curls. But if it’s particularly tangled I put a small amount of coconut oil on my hands and use it to carefully detangle it with my fingers. If you have curly hair this is a great way to detangle without ruining the curls and making them frizzy. It can also be used as a plain hair-oil to lay down frizzes and make you ponytail on point – making the hair look shinny and beautiful – but only use a little bit or it will look oily!

As an over-night facemask: I have learned that coconut oil contains A LOT of vitamins and antioxidants that you otherwise would spend a fortune on when getting it from expensive moisturisers(?!) It works amazing on dry skin, but should supposedly also work really really well on fighting oily skin, do to some of the active acids in the oil. There is even evidence that the oil can help repair the collagen layer in the skin and therefor fight wrinkles!

To help hair grow: I have already said the endless ways in which I use the wonder oil in my hair – so that it should help the hair grow is only a plus – but where I really use the product for this benefit is on my eyelashes. Every night before I go to bed i put a little bit on my eyelashes and around my eye-area which helps strengthening the lashes and at the same time works as an eye-moisturiser.

As a makeup remover: Cocunot oil works as a makeup remover as well(I know – it can do everything). I often use it to take the last mascara leftovers under the eye with a cotten bud after applying my makeup. I have also tried using it as a basic makeup remover when I ran out of my usual one for a couple of days and that actually worked well, after leaving it a bit of time to work with softening the mascara.

As an actual food-oil and nourishment: you can use coconut oil in all sorts of food, but I usually use it for making my favourite healthy banana pancakes, date-balls or other “healthy-sweets”😊 You can also use it when making Thai/Vietnamese where the coconut is often a really nice flavour-fit! The oil should seriously have so many health benefits – I don’t even know where to start – but benefit skin/hair and nails, improve cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure, is just some of them.

So if you look at all these AMAZING benefits and compare it to what you pay for just this one all-natural product I hope you will try it – if you haven’t already. Coconut oil is super trendy right now so a lot of you probably have – but maybe you didn’t know all the genius ways you can use it! Sorry if I sound like a coconut oil commercial – but I am seriously a huge fan of this natural wonder!

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  • Ashleigh

    I love this post! I have tubs of coconut oil everywhere because I love the thought of using it for something other than nappy
    I really love the hair balm treatment!


      yeah I’am happy you like it! I’am the biggest fan of the oil as well, and the more ways I find to use it the better 🙂