8 of the most beautiful statement blouses and sweaters for fall

Hallooo all and happy Saturday 🙂

I just went gift shopping and holy cow there’s a lot of people in London right now! I have to admit that I’m not the best at keeping calm when everything is going soooo slow and there is people everywhere! Especially after having actually bought what I should and being on the way home – realising that I’am a little bit behind on my time schedule.. But that is just what I have to get used to living in the city of London – if you’re going somewhere then leave in plenty(!) of time, unless you like being on the edge of a mental stress-breakdown every 5. seconds.
Well I made it and now I am looking forward to having some amazing Indian food tonight at a place I have some pretty high expectations to! – I’ll let you know if it’s worth visiting.

As the weather is getting darker and darker, colder and colder I’am always getting a bit depressed.. So I have to comfort my self with all of the amazing fall collections that are arriving in stores! I already found the boots of my dreams, which I’m going to buy this week (so excited)- and so many amazing sweaters and jackets as well! Thought I’ld share some of my favourites styles with you – that are on the top of my wish list 🙂
The one I’am wearing on the picture is from Zara – I think it is so beautiful, and it is a steal!

– Maja

sweater1. H&M  2. H&M 3. Zara 4. TopShop 5. Stories 6. Zara 7. Ganni 8. Ganni

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