How to keep your white sneakers white – yes it’s possible!

Good morning all 😘

Ihh, sometimes, when I’am in a bit of a stressed period of my, I tend to over-plan things and go through and evaluate every little thing in my head. I think about stuff like, if I’am on schedule, what the next thing a should do should be, and what time I should eat breakfast tomorrow to get everything done. I don’t know why I do it because I think that it’s a really exhausting way to be – and in the end, the days just feel like numb like-alikes.
When that routine of thinking starts to happen to me I honestly need to remind me self, to just be! Not evaluate and plan ahead, but just be – in the moment. – And I think we all need to just be more often . Planning is nice, but if you life you live always focused on your next step, you never get to seize the day, do unexpected things and have amazing relationships and experiences.

Well, that was a little flow of thought from me.

Now – what I wanted to tell you about. Have you tried this sneaker cleaner – from Jason Markk? It seriously have changed my life – sneakers wise.
Even though it’s winter, and I bought my amazing new boots, I’am still a sneakers girl, and will continue to wear sneakers throughout the winter. The only problem is that the winter is a lot harder on the shoes, and its not as easy to keep them clean. It’s so not hot to walk around with 90-style dirty sneakers – they need to look as clean and new as possible!
So you gotta have an amazing sneaker cleaner – and this one from Jason Markk, have been able to keep my all-white sneakers white, even after the a bit late, and less sober, nights out.
Just put a tiny bit of liquid on the brush and a few drops of water and then scrub the sneaker so a layer of foam appears. After scrubbing in a few minutes remove the leftover soap with a towel, and repeat possible one more time if they were really dirty.
Sometimes it might be necessary to wash the lash as well, but don’t scrub it! Take it out and soak it in regular soap water for a couple of hours, and then wash it and let it dry. A clean shoe never looks really pretty if the lash is looking grey and tired.
If you want your sneakers to keep looking new for a long time, then don’t use them everyday. I know it’s tempting if you just bought new ones, but they aren’t going to last as long. Also wash regularly – if they’re really dirty after a night out, or something like that, then wash them the next day. Don’t wait until the dirt has stuck.
Next time my sneakers are really muddy, I will clean them and put a before and after pic up, so you can se the different. The sneaker cleaner might be a little expensive but it’s lasting for almost a year – so I think it’s actually more than fair.

Later I’am going ice-skating – which have been forever since I have done! But I’am actually really exited to try it again 🤗 And for the rest of the weekend I’m going to have a visit from Denmark – so there’s going to be lots of stuff on the program.
Have an amazing weekend all!

– Maja
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