Delicious gigantic vegan and gluten free ice cream cookie sandwiches -oh yes !

This weekend, me and my girlfriend went a looot around London, and experienced an appropriete amount of turisty things, but also a lot of really cool stuff – and furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, eat so much amazing food. We eat a lot of tasty street food, as we went to some different markets, which was fantastic as I absolutely love street food (which I think I have mentioned before 😉 ) and rarely have a bad food experience when eating it.
We also went to eat at some super tasty restaurants, which I never tried before. It really surprised me that the places we eat were so good, as I didn’t really have that high expectations – but one of them in particular was so amazing, and I have to say absolutely some of the best food and dessert (!) I have ever had! – I’ll share that one with you soon.
Today I want to share another food experience, a street food one, in the more sweet category. If you like me have a weekness for sweets and in particular chocolate and cake, this is something you have to try!
The place is in Camden Market, inside of the Market, not among the other street food stands, and is called Cookies and Scream. I’d read about it before as it have gotten some really good reviews, and thought about trying it next time I was in Camden.
And good enough they have the most tasty, hold on, gigantic ice cream sandwiches! Yes ice cream cookie sandwiches is my new favourite kind of sandwich, and you might be thinking that it is too cold for that now. But no! First off all is it more cookie than ice-cream, and second of all is the mindfulness condition of cookie satisfaction you get while eating it distracting you from everything else.
And I’ve saved the best thing for last, all their products are totally gluten free and vegan, made with low fat and cholesterol and only unrefined sugers! They have a whole range of different cookies, doughnuts, brownies and cakes – so I’am for sure going back their and trying some more deliciousness next time I’am visiting the market.

Okay, now I will get ready to go out for drinks🙌 My boyfriend is visiting for his birthday, so we’re going out to eat at a (hopefully) really nice restaurant – which I am so looking forward to try!
Have an amazing Thursday evening all 😚

– Maja


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  • Mimi

    Hey Maja! Thanks for the review of the cookies…I’m currently trying to have vegetarian/vegan food at least two or three times
    a week so this would be perfect for dessert. 🙂

    • Maja Harder

      Hi Mimi, that sounds like such a nice idea, with substituting for veggie/vegan food a couple of days a week 🙂
      You should definitely try them – you won’t be disappointed ! 😀 Promise

  • Zoe Pickburn

    These look so gooood! I’ll have to look them up next time I’m down in London 🙂

    • Maja Harder

      They are! dangerously good 😉