So beautiful sneakers – wishes !

Evening all 😘

Hope you are having a good weekend! Yesterday we had the worst food experience ever. It was kinda of a package-deal with comedy after, but was still not cheap, and looked like I nice place. But OMG it was bad. The starter was with bread so dry half off it crumbled when you tried to crack it, the main course was so flavourless and we never actually got out dessert. We should have seen it coming, when we got into the restaurants and there were only older conservative British people sitting around the tables 😬 No offence! The Comedy wasn’t that funny either, and we actually ended up leaving the show, because Jonas was sitting on a chair pressed up against a wall (people were sitting really close) with an electric box pressing him quite aggressively in the back. Afterwords we only laughed about the awkward experience, but it was a bit fail.
It helped a lot when we decided to eat dessert at my favourite chocolate place in Soho, Said, which seriously IS chocolate heaven – yes it exists! They have the most amazing chocolate everything! Which you can have with tripple chocolate coating, chocolate sauce , hot chocolate on the site and some more chocolate if you like. And it is good chocolate! Not the cheapest but omg so much worth it.

Soo, what I wanted to share with you is my confusion about which sneakers I should. For a long time I’ve been searching for a new pair of sneakers, but it is getting harder and harder for me to find someone I like – and also some that isn’t on the foot of every other girl you see. I’ve been looking at the Adidas model for a long time, and love how they are super sporty and retro, but at the same time super girly with the colours. + the light colours will fit most things on my wardrobe. But maybe they are a bit to similar to some of the styles I already got.. BUT then again, I still love them, and have been thinking if I should buy them for months.
The other ones I’ve been considering is from a more unknown, but still rousingly popular, brand. The Swedish sneakers brand Axel Arigato, makes handcrafted designer sneakers for both men and women. Ever since I saw the brand I have fallen in love with their style and especially sneakers. They’re really minimalistic, but special and edgy at the same time! And I’am seriously considering buying my self a pair.
It is always hard to have sneakers dilemmas.. 😉

I’ll get ready to have some amazing food tonight at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try forever! – Hopefully it will make off for yesterday.
May you all have a good and positive Saturday evening.

– Maja

Adidas, here
Axel Arigato, here
skaermbillede-2016-11-11-13-28-23Axel Arigato, here
skaermbillede-2016-11-11-13-29-35Axel Arigato, here