Favorites! TOP 3 for Breakfast and Brunch in the city

Goooood morning 😚

Today it’s Tuesday – maybe it’s just me who needs a reminder, I don’t know – but I already feel like it should be the middle of the week. Yes yesterday was a long day, and I think today is going to be even longer 😬
BUT I’am starting to get a kind of a Christmas joy in my body – and I must admit that I’am really looking forward to this term being over and celebrating Christmas back home. Even though London is a beautiful place around Christmas and I looove how everybody do so much to make it magical. Everywhere you look there is Christmas lights and installations. I definitely also want to go and see some Christmas markets too – and there is plenty to choose from – lots going on around the city.

Well – what I wanted to write about is my 3 favorite breakfast places in the city! I think breakfast is the best meal of day – and the time of the day were I’am feeling most hungry is the second I wake up. Sometimes I even wake up because I’am hungry, and that’s no matter have much food I eat for dinner. Very strange to be honest, but apparently that’s how my body works.

Actually – in think brunch is the best “meal” of the day and a fantastic concept in general! The fact that you can mix salty and sweet things, and also eat the amount of food equal to two meals in Ăłne meal without feeling guilty is genius to me.
So naturally I wanted to find all the nice brunch places in the city, and so fare I have been to some really nice places – but 3 off them stood out, being incredibly tasty, different and cosy.

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Albion, various locations in London Albion is both a bakery, takeaway-shop, grocery-shop and cafĂŠ. I have known about Albion for a while, and looove there organic and fresh selection of commodities and especially bread – but I didn’t no about there incredible breakfast, before randomly discovering it the order day (when we couldn’t get a table at Dishoom…). They have all the kind of stuff I like! Lots of veggie and healthy choices and the best thing is there cereal table, which is a table filled which all kind of nuts, seeds, raisins, dates, dark chocolates, dried fruits, yogurts, and fresh fruits. Soo you can make your own granola bowl. You can go as many times as you want. And it is some expensive and good quality stuff they have to choose from. Definitely high value for your money – I think it was 7 pounds. Besides the cereal table, you have to go there only to check out there gigantic croissants. The biggest croissant I have ever seen! Seriously they are huge. And delicious. And in all variants you may like. The drinks is on point as well, and the juice we got was sooo yummy! It tasted like pure fruit juice (carrot, apple and ginger), and was almost a small meal in it self. The menu is a really good mix between healthy and light, and more sinful and delicious breakfast – which is super cool!

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Dishoom, various locations in London Who knew that Indian breakfast could be so tasty?! Maybe some people but not me! I love love love Indian food, and even have my regular place back home, but I never tried Indian breakfast. Well after I had the fantastic veggie dinner at Dishoom, I knew I wanted to try their breakfast as well, when seeing there interesting selection on the menu. When I was there, me and my girlfriend got a breakfast-naan each – which was pretty awesome. I got mine with eggs and she got hers with sausage and bacon. Also we shared a homemade granola- and fruit bowl – which is honestly the best homemade granola if have ever had. And I think granola is one of the things I have ordered more than ever, when eating out for breakfast and brunch. Even though the food was absolutely perfect, the best thing was still the chai! I used to love chai, but lately I’ve started to fell like I can’t get through it all before it starts to fell a bit – I don’t know – to sweet or something. Also I think, the powder, which most cafe’s in Denmark uses, has made me forgot have actual homemade chai tastes – and wauw it is soooo different and so much better! You can just feel and taste the freshness and all the different spices added. You get it served in a small glass so you’ll enjoy it before it gets cold – and then you’ll get FREE refills instead. Perfection! The only place were I would choose something else than coffee for my breakfast (I am a huge morning coffee adict) is Dishoom. Like with the dinner, come early if you don’t want to wait in line for a table.

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The black Penny, Covent Garden A super trendy and hip breakfast place, I mean the kind of hip were the waiters are wearing beanies inside. It is super popular, and you’ll have to get there a little early to not wait for a table – but with good reason! Everything from the very very freshly made coffee – you’ll get your own little freshly pressed filter coffee per cup you order – to the food, is in very high quality and innovative – but still yet traditional. They have everything from eggs, to french toast, to homemade granola and porridge on the menu – but everything is just made with a little modern twist – and upgraded for the better. For instance I got the granola (of course) with the best and most fresh whole rhubarbs and yogurt. The only bad thing it have to say about this place, is that there is really cold in the restaurant. I hope we were just catching them on a cold day – because it ruins the experience a little bit. And I definitely want to go back there and try more things from the menu, which can surprise me and satisfy my craving for lovely and innovative brunches.

Hope you all have a productive and lovely Tuesday.

– Maja

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