This is the best vegan burgers in the world!

Oh yes it’s true! Saying it is the best vegan burger in the world doesn’t even do it justice, as it is one of the best burgers, in general, that I have has in a long time!

I hate hate hate having bad food experiences (especially when it’s something your are paying for) and I almost always check reviews and various social media sites, when chosen which places to go – unless I have had it recommended. But the other day me and my sister was so hungry, and she was getting in a little bit of a I-gotta-eat-now!-mood, so we just choose the first and the best place (which had a veggie options). Luckily the first and the best place was a vegan burger joint, but it looked kind of unpopular and fast-food-ich – so we didn’t have that hight expectations going in. The joint is called MooshiesLondon and is located on Brick Lane
When we saw the choices it was clear that it wasn’t the traditional vegan burgers – but very innovative and innovative ones which different ethnic “themes”. Like main which was and Indian styles onion and quinoa “beef” with chutney and coriander.

OMG they were so good! We choose two different ones, and they were both amazing. I have never really believed in nice vegan burgers, them I have had before have been a little boring, but these have definitely turned me in to a vegan burger believer and enthusiast. The sides of very very fresh and lumpy guaca(like I love it) and aubergine fries was to die for too! Not only is the burgers vegan, but they’re also 100% gluten free.

I kinda of get why they aren’t so popular though, as they, from the outside, look super boring, and I got a little low-quality wibe – they should seriously consider investing some money in PR – or just a new poster/sign for the front – because the food is worth trying!
We got two sides, two beers, and two burgers for 30 £, and the burgers are gigantic. They were so good that I really tried to finish it, but I had to stop when my stomach started to hurt 😁 You now that feeling, were you feel really really full and don’t want to eat anymore, but you still wan’t to taste the food in you’re mouth because it is so good? That was how I felt with the vegan burgers.

Even though I still believe that you’ll get most out of eating out by doing a little research first – that is what I have learned from various good/bad restaurant experiences- this experience have opened my eyes for maybe trying some unplanned restaurant once in a while and keeping an open mind, because apparently London is keeping some undiscovered food-treasures 🤗

– Maja


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  • Ruth

    Ooooh this looks delicious and sounds a must
    visit for a fellow Vegan 😋 I will have to visit and
    do s review myself, sounds like it would be rude
    not to 😉 x

  • Maja Harder

    Oh yes, it’s definitely a must try if you’re a vegan 🙂 I promise you won’t be disappointed 😉