5 Game-changing pieces of make’up that WILL make your life so much easier

Okay I know that make’up isn’t “life changing”, but actually these 5 pieces of make’up have changed my make’up routine and appearence so much – I couldn’t live with out them!
Usually I always want to try new things, even though I like the make’up that I have – if if now I could find something that’s better. But these 5 pieces I’m stuck on – I don’t need to try anything else, because they’re amazing!

Clinique: Chubby Stick, Sculpting Highlight:
This product has truly changed my make’up routine so much! Somedays, in the Summer, I actually ONLY use this on my face. In fact I have no idea how I lived before the beauty of highlighting became a thing! I put it on my cheekbones, top of the lips, under the brows and in the corner of the eyes. It instantly turns tired skin into fresh, healthy and glowy(in the good way) looking skin. Especially if you have super dry skin like me, it’s livechanging, as it makes the skin look more moisturized and soft.

Ole Henriksen: African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Balm
The Ole Henriksen Lip Balm is without a doubt my very favorite product of all the make’up and lip balms etc. that I own. Before this I have always been fighting with dry lips, specially in the winter, but after I discovered this miracle I never have dry lips. Seriously, I recommend it to everybody. The Lip Balm have very very small exfoliating particles, that removes all the dead skin while moisturizing the lips at the same time – which is the secret behind it. The lip balm also adds a tiny bit of redness to your lips, which looks super beautiful and natural at the same time!

Maybeline: Brow Drama
I know people, who use 3 different product on the eyebrows, which is so unnecessary! I think everybody should try this, as it is truly the easiest, fastest and also best product for darkening and thickening your eyebrows. My eyebrows is very light and I therefor have to darken them not to look like I have no eyebrows, and with the Brow Drama it takes me 5 seconds and its done. At the same time it looks perfectly natural compared to when you use powder, liners and so on. Which can look good, but I think you should be really talented with make’up and also use much longer time in the morning. Not only being the best brow mascara in the world it’s also crazy cheap!
See – Fabulous drugstore products that are better than their luxury-brand opponents.

MAC: Mineralize Skinfinish
I barely use powder or foundation, but if I once in a while have very red or irritated skin, I use a light layer of the MAC Mineralized Powder Foundation. It blends into the skin the more you work with it, and, without lying, it seriously doesn’t look like you are wearing anything on your skin. Even if you look super close. It doesn’t provide a high covering effect, but if you’re just looking for something with a slight coverage that looks super natural, this is genius!

Clinique: Chubby stick, Cheek Color Balm
I loooove this, it makes you look super super healthy – like you have been outside all day! And then it is so easy to use! Indeed if you, like me, not have the most “detail-oriented” and patient fingers -but just want something you can make look good in a couple of easy movements. It blends much more natural into the skin than any powder form blushes I have tried.
It comes in 4 different shades, so there is something for everybody, dependent on how blushed you want it to look, and your skin tone. Clinique’s Chubby Sticks are in general just one of the most genius make’up inventions I have seen in a long time!

Well, I hope you’ll all get a perfect and productive start off the week!
Sometimes I actually really like Mondays (and sometimes I really don’t), they can give me a nice feeling off optimism and make me feel super motivated, about all the things I shall do doing the week. It is always nice to start the week with a positive outlook 🤗

– Maja


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