5 ways to avoid ever getting winter-dry skin !

Evening all.

A bit of a late check in for me tonight.

Yesterday, somebody complemented my hair, and asked what products I use, which was super nice – but actually the products I use is really simple, and that inspired me to make this post. As I have written before I have for many years, when I was younger, had problems with my skin and hair, and have been to numerous doctor appointments and bought endless amounts of different products trying to end my stuggles. Now “I” have figured what the problem was and how to deal with. It was nothing else than sensitive and dry skin, and simply just using the wrong products. So now I am kind of considering my self an “expert” on dry-skin issues. And I have (after using way to much money) finally found some amazing products that secure my skin and hair from dryness, even through the winter.

These 5 products, is my favorite and most necessary products that I wouldn’t be able to live without! They are all completely non-irritating and fragrance free, and works on all skin types, that gets a little/or a lot dry during the winter.

Clinique, Superdefense Night
This night moisturizer from Clinique is absolutely genius. It is kind to my super sensitive skin, and at the same time able to make it baby-soft, without making it oily, when I wake up in the morning. The most important thing in regards to moisture for your face is your night moisturizer! It is here the skin is recovering, and really able to take in all the nutrients that this wonder is containing.
It is kind of expansive, but I really mean it when I say that it is worth it!

Ole Henriksen, Red Tea Lip Balm Exfoliant
I mentioned this before. The little Lip Balm from Ole Henriksen, is perfect for avoiding dry lips. And I have told everybody(everybody!) I know, dealing with dry lips about it. Ole Henriksen is a Danish beautician, with an incredible selection of natural products, for face and body, and (even though it is also the only thing I would be able to afford from his very expensive line) the Lip Balm is the best! It has small exfoliating particles that removes the dead skin from the lips, while at the same time keeping them super moist – and not only that – it also gives them the a tint of natural redness.
Even though it is a Danish beauty-line, it is very international and sold most places – also here – thank God.

Nutiva, Coconut oil
Coconut oil is the product I by far uses the most in my daily routines, and also the most natural (of course) and cheapest. I use it in my hair as an overnight treatment two times a week. Leaving it in for 10 hours, and washing it out in the morning – and the difference is extremely visible! My curls look so much softer and shinier.
I also use it on my face once a week, also as an overnight treatment – and since the oil contains antioxidants that fight oily skin and dry skin at the same time- it is perfect for all skin types. I even use it on my eyelashes every night, as coconut oil is proved to help hair growth and is strengthening it as well. Soon, I think I will be able to change all of my products with coconut oil 🙌

Paula’s Choice, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid
If you are dealing with black spots, redness or dry and flaky skin – this is seriously the secret to get rid of it! Paula from Paula’s choice is a beauty-science expert from America, that have chosen to create her own line – only using ingredients which is clinically proven to work. The Liquid is like an exfoliant peeling the dead skin off, but without any particles, which can be a bit harmful to the skin. It is both hydrating, reducing fine lines, unlocking pores and reducing redness. It should just be applied right after removing makeup and under the night moisturizer.
I think it is the number one exfoliant sold in the world or something – but that is seriously understandable!

Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream
Elizabeth Ardens, Eight Hour Cream, is that one cream that can be used for everything! On dry elbows, nails, lips or skin. Or at least I use it for everything. It is insanely thick and smells a bit special, but it just works. I have been using it for years and will never stop. Overnight I put a thick layer on my lips and sometimes on dry areas on my skin, if I have something that needs extra attention. Especially during the winter.

On that note, I hope you are all surviving this cold and dark winter, so far. Remember to take extra good care of yourselves, both for the sake of your beauty, but also for the sake of your mentality.
If it wasn’t because December is a really stressed month for me, and I am even more annoyed with the Winter than usual, I think (think) that I would actually be able to enjoy it, because London is so beautiful right now and there is so many things to do!
Hopefully I will have a little spare time, and get a at least teeny Christmass joy in December from London ☺

– Maja

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