4 amazing quality sweaters to invest in

Hallo to all 😘

What I always invest in each winter is a basic jumper, that I can wear under my jacket, and that can fit every possible outfit I decide to were.
This year I have been having a really hard time deciding on which one to buy, but have decided that I, if I find the perfect one, can allow my self to spend a little more on quality on this specific buy. There is some types of clothes that I don’t really care that much about the quality off, and then there is items were I think it could really be beneficial to invest – especially if it it something that I love, were everyday and want to be timeless. I feel the same way about, jackets, boots and bags.
I wouldn’t want to spend more than the prices of these once though, as I would be too afraid of ruining them, and as it would something I would were all the time, also on nights out, worrying would ruin love for it. You know, that amazing feeling when you get a new bag, but then when you take it out, you don’t like to put it anywhere, Which probably also shows that it was to expensive for our own good.
Actually I didn’t by the FOLK sweater as I though it was a little bit too expensive, event though I really love it. Now I am seriously considering buying the Mads Norgaard, as it has the perfect fit, but I also had my doubts about the colour. It has a slight hint of baby pink, and I don’t know if that would go with all of my clothes. But actually now that I think about it again, I do think everything in my wardrobe could handle a little pink 😉
Anyway, after being on the hunt for a perfect sweater for weeks, I nominate these four styles as favorites and think that they are absolutely beautiful and at the same time minimalistic.

1. & Other Stories: 125 £
100 % cashmere.
It is one of the most comfortable things I have ever tried, and then the color looks really good and complement light skin perfectly. It is a little bit thiner than the other styles, which I think is nice for Spring when you want to were it underneath a thiner jacket. But I am not sure if it is thick enough for Winter though.

2. Ganni:145 £
60% merino wool, 20% yak, 20% polyamide.
I have always loved Ganni, but I don’t know what happened with them lately, they have really made some amazing lines! Like everything is to die for! I wan’t it all. Including this jumper. The color is so beautiful dark green – and I would buy it – if it wasn’t because I maybe don’t think it would match that easyly with all of my clothes.

3. Folk: 195 £
100 % merino wool
FOLK is a brand I discovered over here in London, and it is super cool. It is in the more expensive end, but some of their clothing is actually okay with pricing. Everything is very minimalistic and clean, which I love. It reminds me a little but about Acne Studios. This sweater is the perfect color, style and fit for what I am looking for, but I am not sure if it is a bit too expensive. Or I know it is, of course 🙈 But I is really pretty!

4. Mads Norgaard: 139 £
90 %wool and 10 & cashmere
I think this one is my favorite now. I really like light colors in sweater as well, and I am in love with turtle necks. Furthermore it is so nice quality, and would feel amazing to wear everyday!

Before making a bigger investment in clothing, I always allow my self to think about what I want to buy for a couple of weeks, and then if I am still in love with it, I buy it. It is just difficult when you are in love with 10000 different things..

Now I will get ready for the last day of Uni, and then I am finished with this term (not including the annoying exam of course)! It has really passed by fast. OMG – sometimes it is a little bit scary how fast time can fly. And now I have already stayed in London for almost 6 month. It is crazy.
But I am loving the city, and my life here, more and more for everyday that goes, and I can’t what to see what it is gonna bring me next!

May you all have an incredible Thursday

– Maja








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