THE most beautiful statement top from my fav brand

Good morning good morning ☺

Actually it is not the best morning ever, as I woke up with an annoying tickle in my throat. Which is weird, because I seriously think that I’m drinking 1 liter tea a day – to stay warm. But maybe it is not enough – or else I think I have to invest in some honey as well later today. Or rum and lemon, as my dad taught my when I was younger 😉
Other than that I am feeling super optimistic today! Even though there has been so much going on lately, and I have been a bit stressed, I am feeling like I CAN do it all. Maybe the thought of my soon to be Christmas mini vacation is also helping a little bit. I am also comforting my self with, the thought of the last day of continuing darkness soon is over! Then it is going to turn for lighter days. Just today my alarm went off at 7:00, which is actually a bit late for me, and it was not just dark outside, but totally black. I mean was is that? Of course it’s going to be hard to get up, when you body feels like it is 4 A.M in the night. Sometimes I get really jealous of people who live in places with a less difference in the sun’s raise and fall in Summer and Winter, but then again – there is nothing like those warm and light nights in the Summer, were you can sit outside in a summer-dress at 11 in the evening!

Anyway – look at my latest bye from danish Ganni! Isn’t the coolest and most beautiful top you have seen in a long time? I am really in love it! I also have a thing for turtlenecks, and then I think it is super cool, how it is both fun and elegant at the same time. I am already thinking about buying one, in a green flower print as well, which is also so pretty! I ordered it online at, because right now they give you 20% of everything! – And always free delivery and returns, which is amazing.
Lately I have really started to order most of what I bye online. A couple of years ago I hated ordering online, as I always “accidentally” ordered something that I didn’t really need, and therefore never used. I also think I had a couple of wrong sizes incidents, and there was I time when I was so difficult to send things back. Well it has gotten so easy now, and I generally never order things online from places that has a bad return-policy.
I also think that London has a bit todo with my newfound love for online shopping. Even though it is a great city, with amazing shopping, it is also a really big city and were I in Copenhagen new were to get everything, and all the stores that I needed were more or less right next to each other, here I feel like it is turning in to a whole day project, when you need to buy just a couple of different things. Stores are just much more spread out in different areas, and I still haven’t really figured out were to get everything – like special cosmetic products that I use. So I order everything – from basic beauty products, books for uni, clothes and all small things I just realize that I need from either Amazon, Bootz or whatever. And when there is free delivery and free returns – why not!? 😊

I hope you all have a perfect motivational Monday!

– Maja


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