So; if you love pasta and cheese – try this!

Hey guys😊

I can’t believe there is only 10 days until Christmas! It is seriously crazy how fast time has flown by. I almost feel like November was a week, and I can’t even remember what happened in October.. It is always when you are busy, and want the time to slow down a little, that it goes even faster. Well today there is only one week until I go home for Christmas, and that week can’t go fast enough! But I do hope that the one week I have at home doesn’t go by that fast though. That is why I am trying not to make too many plans (even though it is difficult when you only have a week, and need to see a lot of people), but rather just try to enjoy the time and the company while I am there. What I do have planned though is that we must have time to go out and eat at some of my favorite Copenhagen restaurants – which I will give and update on later. Maybe I will even do a small Copenhagen mini-guide, because I must admit, now after living in London (which I also love) I really do appreciate the beauty, calmness and spirit of my lovely hometown so much more!

Oh well – an amazing place to get high quality, delicious food, right here in London, is the Borough market! I have written about my love for the market before, and it just gets bigger and bigger every time I am there. Especially because of all of the tasters and free things you get for just walking around – deciding what to buy 😉 It was actually one of these tasters that I got the other they, that it helped me to decide what my lunch should be, because it just tasted sooo gooood. The place is called La Tua Pasta, and makes handmade pasta that you can take home and cook yourself, or they do street food, as pasta-boxes, with freshly made raviolis. The raviolis is seriously the best raviolis I have ever had! and I looove raviolis already, and whenever eating at Italian pasta places – I almost always order it. I got the one with truffle, but also tasted all the other ones (of course – free tasters) and they all tastes incredible. If you like me have a weakness for truffle, then take that and you won’t be disappointed. You can choose which sauce you want on top from 4 different choices, but (even though the sauces was delicious) I feel that it wasn’t necessary. When the pasta taste so good, and the stuffing gives so much taste, I think it is best to just enjoy them with some parmesan and olive oil. Omg just writing about it now, makes me wan’t to go back there right away.
Which brings me to a little recommendation to what you can do later, if you’re looking for something interesting to do on a Wednesday night – Borough Market is having their annual “Evening of cheese“, (6-9 PM) where the entire market gets turned in to a cheese festival – with a variety of different cheese-stales from all over the world. For me this just sounds like heaven – I am really hoping I am able to squeeze in going later, but I am not sure.. But anyway I thought it was worth mentioning – I bet there is going to be lots of free cheese tasters, and I also saw that there will be plenty of mulled-wine and hot spicy cider to keep you warm. Yum.
If you have time to go, then have a fantastic cheese night – I am so jealous. And if not have a fantastic night as well.

– Maja

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