A pillow that will save you from getting morning hair !

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Well, this post is a long needed break for me, after having been working on my essay exam for forever! To the point were I feel like my brain is fried from knowledge, and that I really need to write about the wonder of a pillow that doesn’t give you morning hair. Actually I am dead serious – the pillow helps so much on the annoying frizziness and tangleness that often appears on your head when looking at the mirror in the morning.

Especially for me because I doesn’t wash my hair everyday. Actually far from it – I feel like every time I wash my hair so many hairs fall out so I am afraid that I will go bold if I wash it everyday. No I am just kidding of course, but I am loosing a lot of hair when I wash my hair too much, and in general the hair just gets much healthier if it only get washed a couple of times a week instead of everyday.
So when I weak up my hair is usually super frizzy and looks impossible to fix, and what I do is that I use my home-made miracle hair balm all over till it is damp, and then when it is dry adds a little bit dry-shampoo so it doesn’t look greasy. So basically washes it again, without the harmful roughness that it gets from an actually hair wash shower.
But it is a bit annoying that I have to put so much hair balm in my hair, and I have always wished that there was something that I could do to avoid morning hair. I have really tried braiding my hair and laying super still on my back, but of course that didn’t work.
Anyway, I have many times now reed that to avoid frizziness especially in curly hair, it makes sense to invest in a silk pillowcase, or sleeping with a silk scarf wrapped around your head. After reading it enough times, I finally thought oh well lets try it then. And I couple of weeks I bought this white silk pillowcase. It must say that I can actually see a difference! You just tangle you hair together with a little oil, like this amazing one for NUXE, and then you wake up with a much softer and smoother looking hairdoo.
I mean I can also see that I have been sleeping but it is quiet much off a change still, – my hair looks 1000 times better when I wake up. I still put hair balm and dry shampoo in my hair, but not nearly as much – only a little bit to make it a bit softer and shinier. Actually I sometimes don’t even use the dry shampoo.
I am really amazed that I pillow can change my hair, but it makes sense of course – if you wrap your head against cotton of course it will look frizzy, but it is different with silk. I can really recommend everybody who doesn’t like to wash their hair everyday as well to try one!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and is starting – like my – to feel a little Christmas joy as Christmas eve is getting closer and closer 😚

– Maja


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