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Hi all¬†ūüėö

There is few things that I aaaalways and every¬†year put on my Christmas wish list, when asked about what I want for Christmas by my family. Things that I can always use, and is easy to buy – (and come up¬†with if I don’t really have any specific wishes). ¬†One of these is always my¬†absolute favorite perfume.¬†It has been years ago now since I have found my “signature” fragrance – and I am never changing it.

Actually I have a few favorites now but they are all from the perfume brand CLEAN,¬†who has a concept of producing only – yes – clean, simple and minimalistic senses, that all capture some kind of pleasant senses experience from everyday life. So the senses¬†doesn’t stand out as much – but kind of blends into our natural environment, but at the same time they manage to smell amazing!

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My¬†favorites is Warm Cotton, Original and Skin which all¬†smells really¬†fresh and clean. If there is something I hate it is sweet perfumes. Actually I don’t really like when perfumes smells to much of “perfume”, if that makes sense. I know that some people really can get enchanted and drawn towards certain¬†perfumes, but I actually don’t find it so appealing when people smell a lot like perfume. And of course Clean is also perfumes, but what I mean is of something synthetic, or something that stands out to much. And Clean’s perfumes¬†just manage not to give that sense, while still being a perfume – and that is why they are amazing.
Last year they had a really amazing Summer edition, whit a sent called Summer Sailing, which is still my absolute favorite! Actually I think that it is a unisex fragrance, but seriously you will get addicted to this smell!
Unfortunately I haven’t found any place that sells the perfumes here i London yet – and I have no idea were the brand is from. Maybe Denmark, but I wasn’t able to investigate through the website. Luckily they can be ordered online, which I know is a bit risky if it is a perfume you haven’t tried before. But they sell them as well as mini mini bottles, so you can try them before you buy the bigger version.

NOW, I will go out and see if I can find the last (on most difficult) Christmas present to buy on the list and after that I will start packing – because I am going home tomorrow on¬†Christmas vaca!¬†ūüėÉ

– Maja

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