Shoeeees! Wishes for sneakers + boots

Morning everyone¬†ūüėö

I hope you had a lovely Christmas eve yesterday! In the UK Christmas is today, so merry Christmas to everybody who celebrates today as well. I had a very beautiful and nice Christmas eve with my family, I eat to much though – but that is impossible not to. It is not even because I particularly like Christmas food, but it is just as there is this certain atmosphere saying that everybody have to eat – a lot! This year my mom had made me a veggie nut-steak-pat√©-ish thing – with dates and apples, so it was¬†a little Christmasy. It was really amazing, and I am so happy she made it, because – at least in Denmark, but I think many places, Christmas isn’t the most veggie friendly holiday foodwish.

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Lately – or since I have been in Copenhagen on my holiday – I have really had the biggest craving to buy shoes. All kinds of shoes. Both sneakers, boots and loafers. And I am convinced I need all of them. I have missed the Copenhagen shopping so much. Not that London doesn’t have pretty amazing shopping, it does, but Copenhagen have some more minimalistic brands, that doesn’t exist so much in London.
First of all I gotta have these sneakers from Nike, Air Zoom Spiridon. I wanted them and I was ready the day they came¬†in stores last week. But then when I tried them I got confused¬†about which color it should be. Red or blue. So I told the lady in the store that I needed to think about it – and then she just said; okay then you need think really fast! And I didn’t want to have my judgement effected by¬†the pressure – so out of principle I didn’t buy them there. But I should have – because now they are sold out everywhere ūüėĀ¬†which just make me want to buy them even more!


The other pair of shoes I have fallen in love with so bad, is the most beautiful boots from Billibi! And just earlier when finding the different shoes links before writing this post, I saw that they are on sale – 30% ?! Crazy – now I have to buy them, and I feel so stupid that I didn’t try them before so I know the size fit, so I can’t really order them online. But luckily I have a whole day before I go back to London on the 27th were stores are open again. Anyway I got the same sweater twice – so maybe one of them can turn into some lovely boots.


skaermbillede-2016-12-25-11-44-57 Now – I will make some banana pancakes – and later go to Tivili. It is going to be such a nice day. Have a amazing and cozy 1. Christmas day all.

– Maja