My food guide to Copenhagen!

Back in London!

I am feeling kind of blue, as I just had to say goodbye to my family, friends and boyfriend in Copenhagen. I have had such a nice mini vacation, and everybody have been so good at “taking care” of me. I think I have eaten one meal back home in my apartment and otherwise we have been out in the city doing all kind of fun stuff and eaten at a lot of nice restaurants! It haven’t actually felt like I was home I would say, but more that I was on vacation in my own city if that makes sense. But that was also just was a needed – a really good distraction from stress and life.
I AM looking forward to going back! I love staying in London and I love being in Copenhagen as well – it is just the journey in between – the moving and saying goodbye and hallo that I hate. It always just takes me a couple of days to get used to the new situation that I am in.

As you know – one of the things I love most is going out to eat at both now and old favourites restaurants – so I though I would make a Copenhagen food guide over my favorite places to visit in Copenhagen. There is a lot! So I have just chosen my absolute favorites. Copenhagen doesn’t have the best veggie opportunities compared to London. I mean off course there is always vegetarian options everywhere. But usefully only one or two, and then it is not the most interesting or innovative dishes ever. At least not if you enjoy trying different tastes and having new food experiences.
So instead of going for the set veggie dishes, I usually just ask the restaurant if they have any veggie choices, and usually they are happy to accommodate. If the restaurant is good, they will probably also make a good veggie dish – unless it is steakhouse or something off course.
Anyway – here it is. And my point was it is suitable for both veggies and non-veggies 😉

Best Vietnamese! Bonjour Vietnam
I can not count how many times I have been here. But it is a lot. Every time we feel like eating out but don’t really know where, Bonjour Vietnam is the go-to place. The place is just so cozy and the staff is so sweet and the food is sooooo delicious. They have a small selection of veggie choices, but that is fine, because the reason I love it is the way they cook and prepare the vegetables. I don’t know how they do it, and everything looks so simply – but it just tastes amazing. I go for the fried vegetables with tofu and cashews, and fresh vietnamese rice paper rolls for staters.
In Copenhagen there is an app called Restaurants too night – R2N – which gives you up to 30% on restaurants if they aren’t fully booked on the given day and you book via the app. And they almost never are. So every time I am there I save 30% on the entire bill, also a reason why we always go there – super cheap for really high quality food.

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Best pizza! Neighborhood
Yes Neighborhood is by far the best pizza place in Copenhagen. And the best pizzas I have ever tried anywhere. And yes I have been to Italy many times. All their pizzas is “healthy” – which just means the crust is a bit thinner and that there is way more topping. Usually I don’t like when “unhealthy” food try to be “healthy” as it then doesn’t task of that much, and I actually prefer to just eat “real healthy” food if I want to be healthy – but here the pizzas just get better because there is so much of the good stuff in stead of bread! All the pizzas is really untraditional – with exotic cheeses and vegetables – but all the flavors just go so good together and tast of nothing I have ever tried on a pizza before.
This place was the one restaurant I HAD to visit on my trip to Copenhagen, and then it was closed the repeatable times we tried, because of the holidays. So disappointing! This would never have happened in London


Best veggie burger! Juicy Burgers
This place I actually tried for the first time on this trip. I have known off them for a long time, but burgers isn’t my favorite thing to eat and especially veggie burgers, as they are often a bit boring. I love making them my self though, but if I am eating out I often choose something else. BUT I had heard that this place should have a pretty good veggie burger – definitely not healthy, but good. So when we one evening realized that everything in Vesterbro(Copenhagen) was closed – except for Juicy Burgers, I said okay let’s try. And yes the veggie burgers is amazing! Portobello with lots of grated cheese. Everything is organic and fresh, and the bread is the best burger bread I have ever tried. If you like burgers this is definitely a good place to try, and the place is really hipster and cozy.

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Best Italian! Famo Metro
I have been here a couple of times as the prices isn’t the most student friendly, but OMG the best Italian food in Copenhagen with no competition. You buy 5 courses and the menu change everyday, according to what kind of fresh vegetables and commodities that is available that day – which is a concept that I love. Therefor if you are a vegetarian you just call them before your reservation and it is easy for them to change the menu. Course after course is just better then the previous. I think the best thing is probably the risotto – that is to die for!

Best fancy veggie! VeVe
Finally Copenhagen have opened an all veggie gourmet restaurant. The first all veggie restaurant in Copenhagen, that isn’t just salads or raw food. It probably isn’t going to be my go-to place as the prices aren’t not only not-student-friendly, but student-economy-ruining. But my sweet family invited my there as I was really exited after hearing about the place, and wauw! This is the weirdest most innovative and overwhelming food experience I have ever had. The food was amazing. Like really amazing. But the craziest thing was the servings. It is very hard to explain, but it was fancy – but with a twist. Like they where kind of making fun of the typical gourmet setting. A super fun experience! I thing the best thing was the soya meringues with wasabi butter – yes it sounds weird. But the way they use different flavors was really cleaver and very very tasty!
I think I took more than 20 photos but here is just a few to illustrate the weirdness.

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Sand.. with a drinkable starter underneath.

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Specially cooked pine nuts in eatable bags..

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Table setting. All the dishes had in common that is was hard to know what was eatable.

Best brunches! Møller Kaffe&Køkken And Mad&Kaffe
These two brunches is very similar and equally fantastic so I thought they should both make the list. They are also in each end of Copenhagen so you can just choose the one that is closest to you.
They both have traditional danish breakfast food but with a modern twist. The way it works is that you get a paper with a lot of different brunch dishes in different categories and then you just crush off what you want and hand in the paper afterwords. Super smart as there is always something I don’t really need on brunch plates and something I wan’t much more off. So it is a mix of trying a lot of different things and getting exactly what you want. Both places serve super super high quality food – everything from the bread to cheese and yogurt just taste good! Definitely the best brunch places ever. I am getting all hungry just thinking about them!
Both places is as well very similar in the decoration and atmosphere, it is very laid back young Copenhagen.

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Møller Kaffe&Køkken

Best tapas! El Tapeo
El tapeo! The best tapas in Copenhagen! traditional tapas. The bread, cheese, potatoes everything just taste off so much and you can tell that everything is really good quality. This place is also the most cozy place ever! The setting, tables and staff is really authentic and you can sit there and talk for hours. I have been here many many times – and even though tapas isn’t the most veggie friendly – there is enough dishes to choose from to make it a nice all vegetarian meal as well. The restaurant is placed right in the center of Copenhagen, a little bit hidden though – but always very popular. A true treasure, everybody who likes tapas should try!


Have a nice day everybody! And enjoy it if you are still on vacation 😉

– Maja



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