The best and prettiest Christmas present !

Finally home! And changed into my very most large and comfortable old football t-shirt, inherited from my dad. And a good cup of tea to really calm down.
I feel like I have turned into an old lady lately. Mostly drinking tea – maybe only 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day (which is not normal for me), and the other day I really needed a stress relief so I thought I would go shopping – check out the sales, but that just stressed me even more, because there was too many people. I don’t really know what is happening.

Soooo! Tomorrow is New Years eve! (if you didn’t know) I don’t think there is any reason to sing the old song about how fast the year has gone. We all now that.
Reflecting on the year it has been a year with testing boundaries and breaking comfort zones for me. As to what is going on in the world it has been a shit year obviously. But I think that this year is the year were I have matured most in one year than I ever have before and discovered new things about my self.
I have actually never really been the biggest New Years Eve fan, even though I can appreciate how it can be nice to think of suddenly having a “new beginning” – we feel like we can be a new person. Even though I never did New Years resolutions and don’t think I ever will. But I see how they I nice! I you managed to keep them of course.

Instead of New Years I love Christmas! I think I am still a child at heart. So I will reflect on that instead, and particularly this perfect perfect Christmas gift that I got – 2 times actually. From both my mom and my boyfriend.
I know that I have written about it before, but now that I have it I have truly seen how it is the perfect sweater 😍 It has a slight color of pink, very very slight though, but it just makes it way prettier and more interesting – and fashionable. Pink is going to be a big color, even more than it has this season so far. AND it is warm. Like really warm. And as I have said before I am always cold – but when I am wearing that sweater it even happens that I am hot outside. And I just came back from 0 degrees and storm in Copenhagen. The sweater is from Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen – one of my absolute favorite danish brands. You can get the sweater online here. I think I am going to were it literary everyday until the sun comes back – and I will never be cold again.

Happy happy New Years all. I am still figuring out what to wear, and is actually having kind of a crisis. Even though I don’t love New Years I have to look nice anyway😉
I hope you all have an amazing night, and have found the perfect outfit already.

– Maja