This IS the place to go, if you want to spoil your sweet tooth

Happy New Year guysūüėö

2017 is here, and I am feeling super optimistic about it. I hope you all do to, and more importantly that you had a fab evening yesterday!
I for one do feel a bit extra tired today, and couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours, as I have been working all day. Working when you are hangover is something that I don’t really know how I feel about. Because on the one side, I¬†feel like I’am¬†going to fall a sleep constantly, and also that I¬†constantly need to eat either a lot of salt or a lot of sugar to get through the day, But on the other hand I hate waisting time, and I know that if I am hangover chances are that I won’t get that much¬†productive stuff done, if any, so I might as well just work on earn some money.

But today I must admit I would have like to do anything else but work, like for instance go visit to my favorite London dessert spot Рwhich I only visit if I really really have to spoil my self. And the nice thing about being hangover Рat least according to my logic Рis actually that you can indulge in food, and laziness without feeling that ashamed of yourself. Because that is something we just have to do, right.
Anyway the place is called Said and is placed in SOHO. Said specializes in the finest chocolates in the world – made into everything from hot chocolate, to brownies and ice cream. Seriously if you like chocolate you will thank your self for going for a long time. It is so good! Which also can be seen on the usual line of people waiting to get in. I would say that this can be minimized a lot if you just choose to come on a weekday, and not between 8 and 9 PM.
As it is far far from being both healthy and cheap, Said is not a place I come that often. But if I finally decides to splurge I am going all in. all. And Said is truly also going all in on creating my perfect chocolate paradise.

Have a nice quiet, lazy and sleepy 1. of January all – I think I will head in early tonight.

– Maja