Last minute sale items

Morning morning!¬†ūüėä

oooh ha, I can really feel now that the vaca is over and it is back to real life. But that is okay. A break was just was I needed to feel distressed and I am ready to take on challenges again now. Though I could need a vacation to a warm place! I think London have now catched up with Copenhagen with the coldness – minus degrees and everything! I really hate this. I have always thought that I was born in the wrong country, as I really really don’t like winter. At all. And I always feel cold, even when it is much warmer then this. Sometimes I actually like feeling hot, even sweating as it is so¬†rare I feel warm. This is also why I always gain weight in the winter, I eat to try to keep warmūüôą Maybe it is time for an impulse buy of a last minute travel to the south. Ahh probably not but it is tempting.

Yesterday I did a last minute sale hunt as a distraction from exam writing, and it actually proved to by quit successful. Look at all the great items still on sale out there that I found! I thought that all the good items was taken but apparently not. I especially love the Coster Copenhagen skirt and the Wood Wood shirt. But also the Sofie Schnoor Boots. I am going to oder from, which¬†is one of my favorites sites when ordering clothes, as they take returns free and always send everything super fast – and I have just never experiences anything annoying with them. They have lots of great sale items, so if you haven’t checked it out yet – do!

– Maja


1. Ganni 40% 2. Ganni 25% 3. Decadent 30% £ 4. Wood Wood 50% 5. Stories 50% 6. Billibi 50% 7. Sofie Schnoor 35% 8. Second Female 40% 9. Coster Copenhagen 30% 10. Tamaris 20%