Dreaming of a home smelling like the sea

I looove to have sented diffusers in my rooms – not the once that smells to much of perfume – but the once who makes rooms smell fresh, clean and “natural”. A recent discovery of main is these from the bran; Skandinavisk , which (maybe obviously) means Scandinavian. Skandinavisk is apparently a brand started by two english guys, who fell in love with two Scandinavian girls (awww), and accordingly also Scandinavian way of life. They have created a line of the most amazing sented candles and diffusers, that smells of different Scandinavian nature set – like the danish sea, the Norwegian fjords, or the Swedish forests – and my favorite one is (not because I am danish) – but the sea one – called HAV. And I am from Copenhagen and never lived by the sea so that is not why, but there is just something about that smell that is so natural and peaceful – it makes me calm. When the diffuser I have now dies (which is soon), this is what I will be smelling when I come home, and need to relax. It is absolutely perfect. And actually after reading about the brand a little bit, I think it is a quiet clever concept. They are for sure going to be very successful. I have seen that the diffusers is sold in various places, like for instance at Liberty London on Carnaby street, but also just from the companies webshop.

I don’t know why but lately I have gotten a wierd fettish of wanting to decorate with nature inspired colors as well, like green and orange – and I can’t get enough plants. I have always believed that the environment that I live in means a lot for my mentality as well, and that is why even small details in decoration is important to my. For me, having an aesthetically beautiful and collected atmosphere around me, makes me more peaceful somehow.

I think I will head to bed a little bit early tonight. Maybe just watch some Netflix, and then call it a night. It has been forever since I have done that, and tonight I don’t think I will have any problems falling a sleep at 9 or 10.

I hope you all have a cozy Thursday!😘

– Maja


  • Juliet

    These look great, I live by the sea but rarely get
    nice smells from it! I’m definitely going to try
    these .. x

  • Maja Harder

    Hi Juliet 🙂
    haha no maybe the diffusers is nicer than the actual sea smell, I don’t know.
    But yes definitely worth trying – I think they give a really nice and relaxing atmosphere 🙂