This is the shoe to invest in now!

Goooood evening all!
I am feeling really good these days as I am finally done with exam and essay and all this uni stuff – and now I feel like actually doing some fun stuff around London again. What I both love and hate about London is that there is soooo many opportunities, that is sometimes can be a little bit overwhelming choosing what you actually want to do. I have invited my boyfriend over next weekend and I am sure we are going to find plenty of fun stuff to do.

Anayway. A trend that has overwhelmed me this season, and is going to be even more popular in the next one, is a trend that I really really support. Loafers! I think they are genius.

1. Asos 2. Notabene cph 3. Zara 4. Zara 5. TopShop 6. Notabene cph

I hate hate hate wearing hells (I can’t walk in them), and also I feel too tall (something I know all tall girls can relate too).
I have also never really been the biggest fan of ballerinas, which have kind of been the flat alternative too heels – if you want dress up to something more fancy. They just too often turn outfits into super school-girly looking which is not so cool. I am definitely a sneakers girl, but (even though I think I have tried to deny it for along time) you cant wear sneakers with everything. Unfortunately.
With loafers you can both find some that looks ladylike, classy or edgy. And you don’t have to hurt your poor feet. And even though it may seem like a Summer shoe – they can for sure also be used in winter. Maybe not when it is minus degrees or something, but when it is like right now in London, they would look super cute with a pear of ankle socks. Btw I am really glad I am not in Copenhagen right new. minus 5 degrees doing the day. What is that?! In London it is luckily still around the 5-10 and lets hope that is as worse as it gets.
In the search for some new ones I have made a little collections of the (in my opinion) most beautiful (and classic) ones out there right now.

Have a nice weekend all😘

– Maja


1. Asos Manning leather

2. Notabene cph Pointy loafer buckle
Actually I just found out that Notable is a danish brand. I didn’t know that there were so many danish brands that I love – but there are. And that they don’t sell Notabene here in London is a big loss. Handmade shoes which all are so beautiful. Everyone you see (if you follow there Insta) is more beautiful than the other.

3. Zara Leather 

4. Zara Velvet

5. TopShop Lucy snaffle loafer

6. Notabene cph Odell