3 amazing and minimalistic Etsy designers to look out for!

First of all, I hope you are all surviving the tube strike! And didn’t have any important far away plans today. Where I live is it absolutely craziness. Went to bed quite late, and was woken up WAY to early by the most aggressive honking I have ever heard. And when I went outside I saw that all traffic is standing still – completely still. It is so crazy how much such a big city actually depends on public transport. I really hope that London will invest some more money in the tube system soon. Not only because of the strike, but in general there is a lot of things for improvement. So we can get some off the cars off the streets. Usually there is a lot, but today it is just like one long line of parked cars in the road, where I life. And everybody are so angry. Yes I now it must be the absolute worse. But do you really think it helps honking ?! The more problematic thing is that the ambulances can’t get anywhere. I have heard so many all day, and they are not moving either. Really scary.
I hope that it ends tonight like they said, and that everything will go back to normal tomorrow!

Okay enough about tube strike.
Since I have moved here I have started to really enjoy ordering things online. There is so many reasons for it, but the top one I think is that I actually lately have had some amazing online shopping experiences! A site that I discovered since I moved here and use a lot is www.etsy.com which we don’t really use in Denmark, but is really popular here in the UK. And I understand why! It is a collection of everything design, where independent designers from all types of different categories sell their designs. I have come to love the site because of the many many talented jewellery designers. I am sure a lot of them is going to be very successful and famous designers one day, and it is just about spotting them now. It can be a bit of a jungle though, but they have a rally smart and well working tagging system, so you can just search the style you are looking for. Also people who bought something before have often written reviews on the given designer, so you can double check if everything is as it should, also when you receive the jewellery. Even though I don’t think it is something that you should worry about that much about, I do think some of the sellers could be cheating a little bit with quality. As for instance real silver/gold and stuff like that. So the reviews are super practical!
Here are 3 of my favorite designers that I really love right now!


I have wrote about PickaTwig before – and it is because I really really love their minimalistic styled earrings and rings! They are also to find at various London design markets, if you want to see them life before buying them. The brand is genius at making totally simple sticker earrings. If you have more than one ear piercing in each ear, the sticker styles from the brand would fit perfectly together with a more statement inspired piece.


Soo beautiful earrings and necklaces! I seriously think almost every piece of jewellery from this talented lady is amazing and I could buy the whole collection. Nothing more to say about that actually. Check her out!



Even though I am not the biggest ring person in the world, I have fallen in love with the rings from VBsilver. I love this type of minimalistic going vintage styled rings, and love how you can and mix and match them depending on which look you are going for! If I ever wear rings, which is not that often, this style is always what I go for, as I hate tiny thin rings (and also how big they make my fingers look 🙈).


– Maja