Top 3 London restaurants I keep coming back to

London’s food and restaurant scene for sure outplays Copenhagen’s and I have tried some absolutely amazing places while living here. So far there is at least 3 places that I will say stands out and that I keep coming back too 🙌

1. Vanilla Black

This is definitely my favourite restaurant in London! And actually I think the best restaurant I have tried ever. Sounds like a bit much, but I am serious.
I have eating there many times now, and still haven’t gotten enough, even though they only have 5 dishes to choose from in each category (starter, main, dessert). This place is all vegetarian, but I have eating there with many (actually only) non-vegetarian people and none of them were less exited than me.
All of there courses are so innovative compared anything else I have ever tried, and the kind of flavours and ingredients they use together may seem weird at first – but taste genius! My favourite so far is their truffled mascarpone soup – it is to die for! AND their “brownie” for dessert, but be careful if you order that and have plans after, because you probably won’t feel like (or be able to) doing anything but lay down in a nice sofa when you are done with that chocolate bomb.


2. Ottolenghi
Ottolenghi is genius because all of their dishes is tapas sizes, which means you get to try much more of there amazing food! Half of the dishes are vegetarian and the other half are meet and fish. All of their veggie dishes (and probably also the rest) are very upgraded traditional dishes, with lots of different ingredients that surprises. A really nice mix of something new and something traditional. Ottolenghi is part of a very successful London chain and have lots of restaurants with different names around in the city. Tomorrow I am actually going to try one of the other branches, NOPI, which I am looking so much forward to – and I know it is going to be amazing if they are just a slightly as good as Ottolenghi.
The last thing to mention about Ottolenghi is that they are actually more famous for their desserts than for their food, and the place is a little bit hard to find because of this. It looks like a cake shop when you just walk by, because of their massive and impressive display of sweets. I thought the food and the dessert was equally good, but I must admit that if you go to Ottolenghi you HAVE to try their desserts as well. Have to!


3. Dishoom
Dishoom should for sure be on this list as one of my favourite places, not because it is super innovative or extraordinary like the other two, but just because the food is so so tasty! I have been there many times as well, and will never get tired from it. Though it is not super innovative the dishes is a bit untraditional from other Indian dishes I have tried, and comes in much smaller and more share-friendly sizes – and you want find the traditional butter chicken on the menu. I also love the atmosphere at this place; it is really chill and comfortable to be there.
Another reason why I love Dishoom is their breakfast! I had never tried Indian breakfast before Dishoom, and I don’t know if it is just Indian breakfast in general or Dishoom’s interpretation of it – but it is soooo good! A breakfast naan roll might seem slightly boring and weird – but trust me it is not.
Not to forget – an important positive difference between Dishoom and the above-mentioned places is that the prices at this delicious Indian restaurant is very student friendly!