Is it really necessary to take vitamine supplements ?

Hallo to all of you lovely people,

I have now been laying sick 4 days going on the 5th, and it has been a long time since I have ever felt so bored and alone. I have both an infection and the flue at the same time, and is taking antibiotics and lots of pain medication, but it is not going fast with getting that stupid disease out of my body. For the last 3 days I haven’t been able to do anything. Not even watch television for more than half an hour, because then my head an my body started to hurt, not even sleep because of my crazy cough, and not even shower because my legs didn’t work (I know pretty disgusting that I hadn’t showered for more than 3 days).
The only thing I could do was just to lay and feel sorry for my self, and call my boyfriend and family on shift and tell them have bad I felt.
This is probably the first time I have felt home sick for a long period of time. But of course you need the people who are closest to you the most, when you are sick and helpless.

Well today have been the first day where I have been able to get up and walk outside – like 200 meter, to buy some more painkillers from Boots – but still it is a step in the right direction. It made me a little bit depressed to go outside thought as the sun is shinning amazingly from a clear blue sky. I am so jealous of all of you who have the time to enjoy it. I am craving sitting outside on a café with a blanket and a latte, chatting with a girlfriend all afternoon.
But with sickness comes being patience, a thing I have never been good at, but just have to be right know.

There is somethings I do to give myself the best odds of getting better soon. Like drinking lots of water and tea, adding sugar or honning to that and washing my hands really often. But I also take vitamins, which I hope and think also have an impact.
I have before had some discussions about whether or not we need to take vitamins, and the truth is that we probably don’t – if we off course eat a resealable healthy diet everyday.
I can definitely see that lately there has been happening kind of an over-hype about taking vitamins and supplements, and it can fast get out off hand and become unhealthy. I used to work with a girl, who everyday day at lunch pulled out 13 different pills of supplements and vitamins. Some being for her immune system, some being for her hair and nails, some to energize her and some to keep her skin from getting old. It was definitely to much. When we first start thinking like that, there is a fine line of knowing when to stop. We can always take more vitamins, eat a little bit healthier, go one more time to the gym, and at one point it just stops being healthy.


With that said I do think that some (in moderation) supplements can be super healthy and good for you. Not that we absolutely need them. But we don’t need lots of things. Like buying expensive lotions that will make out skin look younger, or more beautiful, but we do that anyway. We don’t need to go on a juice detox once in a while either, our bodies actually detox itself – but some people do that, and that has been proven to be really good for us.

I take flaxseed and cranberry/vitamin C everyday.
Being a vegetarian I do get plenty of greens and fruits and in general I eat pretty healthy everyday. But getting a little bit extra omega-3, fatty acids and antioxidants definitely won’t hurt me, but if any improve my skin and my defense system.
I have particularly chosen flaxseed, because as a vegetarian I don’t eat fish and therefore don’t get any omega-3 from them. There is plenty of other ways to get omega-3, but here in London I don’t get to cook as I did in Copenhagen, and often have to eat on the run and take what’s available. The flaxseed is therefore helping to get my daily intake of omega-3, which is such an important thing to get. Flaxseed also contains iron, which I know (from donating blood) that I have a little shortage off. And it is completely vegetarian, unlike fish oil.

I take the cranberry/vitamin C to improve my immune system, and also because they contain antioxidants, which I know is great for my health, both inside and out.

The “last” thing I do, is to use coconut oil in lots of the things I eat to get extra fatty acids. I am not that good at eating fatty things in my daily routines, but I know that it is really important for me and coconut oil is therefor a great, easy and extremely healthy way of getting that covered – see here. Sometimes I just put a little bit in my porridge and it tastes amazing!


Well, that was enough for me. I will go back to being sick – hopefully not for that long anymore now.


– Maja