I finally got to try this place

Morning all 😘

Even though I am not all the way back to my old self, I am feeling a lot better today. It has been a tough ride though, and as tired I am of being and feeling sick, the more tired I am of being homebound. It has really been boring lately – more than I can bear. And OMG british Netflix don’t have anything to watch. I mean how do you guys live?? All my favorite shows has been removed, just because I am in London and not in Denmark. And left is just the worst and most boring programs, that I would only consider watching when I am really desperate. And I have been.
Anyway now I am just looking forward to getting the last sickness out of my body, and being able to go out and socialise with society again. I really miss that. Also because I feel like I am going kind of crazy from being so much alone. with bad netflix. I am becoming weird.

Anyway. Last weekend, when Jonas was here we tried NOPI – a place I have wanted to try forever. It is part of the Ottolenghi chain, but this one is just slightly more popular than the Ottolenghi in Islington/Angel that I have already tried.
Maybe it is just because it’s placed in SOHO, but either way – it was very hard to get a table. We ended up sitting downstairs at a big community table, which was actually super okay. There was plenty of space between the seats, and you didn’t feel like you were dinning with others at all.

The food was like at Ottolenghi tapas portions, and there were plenty to choose from that was all vegetarian. Lots of none-vegetarian as well. I can’t say anything about the food – it was amazingly tasty! It reminded me a lot of Ottolenghi Islington, though the menus are different. The reason why I love these places, is that the dishes are so innovative and filled with new and exiting flavors – without being too fancy/tiny-gourmet-dishes. If you know what I mean.
The only reason – no sorry two reasons – I would choose Ottolenghi Islington over Nopi are first of all the bread. The bread at Nopi was good, but it was too die for at Ottolenghi. I actually told Jonas about; omg and you have to look forward to the bread, if it is the same as at Ottolenghi, it is soooooo good. But then we just didn’t get it.

And the other thing is the dessert. The dessert was good at Nopi, but at Ottolenghi it is just that bit better. They have the most gigantic display of cakes and you can go up and choose which one you want (with plenty of recommendations from the staff), and I seriously still think and dream about the one I had there. Yes that was like paradise for me as you can hear.
So I would all in all probably choose Ottolenghi over Nopi, even though Nopi is a great restaurant, I would still warmly recommend.

May you all have a fantastic day.

– Maja