How to apply concealer in a magical(!) way

Good evening all.

Yes there is a very special way I apply my concealer, when I actually think it is really necessary for me to where it. Usually I put it on, but very superficial, and it probably doesn’t even make that much of a visible difference. It is just psychological, when you put a little bit mascara and concealer – you feel ready to take on the day. Or at least that’s how I feel.
But anyway, somedays just requires a bit more. Like the days where you have had on the bad side of 5 hours sleep, and lectures and plans all over the next following day.

What I do is that I apply the concealer in a beautiful little reversed V under my eyes. I let it dry for a minute or something, and than tap it (very important that it is tapped and not anything else – to avoid it looking lumpy and weird) into the skin.
The technique is illustrated really good by this youtuber – here.
I then apply some mineral foundation to make it look natural – and the effect is pretty spectacular. You probably need a good concealer as well. But my dark lines magically disappears when using this trick – and that doesn’t happen when I do it “the regular way”. I would recommend the “Nielens Jord” concealer, which is absolutely genius, because it has a spot and corrector side, and a concealer side. Totally fitting to my minimalistic ways. I hate when you have to have 500 different products. Anyway that baby should be useful, for making the triangle “trick” successfully.


The only reason why I don’t do it everyday is simply that it takes to long, with the foundation and everything as well – and luckily I usually get a more normal amount of sleep – which (I hope) doesn’t require me to do it.
When wanting to look “extra” fresh I always use a little bit extra highlighter as well. As I have mentioned before, I am the biggest highlighter fan in the world. The way it can make doll/dry skin look super fresh and glowing is just a miracle to me. When I am really lazy – my eyebrow-brush and highlighter is the only make up I use. Besides highlighter I always use my chubby cheek stick from Clinique. A product that actually can make hangover tired skin look light it has been out on a hike in the sun and fresh air for hours. And it will make you look like you are the healthiest person on earth as well.


Well, I think my post justifies that I will go to bed early tonight.
Hope you all have a cozy evening as well, and wake up fresh tomorrow.

– Maja