My 5 favourite food bloggers to follow

Morning guys!

Today I slept without any alarm, as long as I could, and that felt amazing! I don’t know about you, bit if I go several weeks without doing that, I become a bit stressed, tense and cranky. So I try to have at least one day I week, where I allow my self to do that. This sleep in was definitely needed after a long week with constant plans and energy – which was right after a week with sickness and zero energy. My body needs a little time to weak up again after that experience.
Today just contains off some half-lunch plans and dinner later, so I think I will just take it easy this lovely morning, and maybe go to the gym after I finish writing this post. I been a little bit “afraid” to go to the gym after my sick week. Not because I am afraid it will be a harder workout (even though it will), but because I was there one time this week – the first time back in 10 days or something – and the reason why I haven’t gone back again is that I have been sooooo sore in my legs. Almost to the extend where I look funny while walking. Or so it feels like. And I need my arms to help sitting down. But I know that there is no way to get over this feeling, except for keep going – or quit all together off course (which I actually have considered after this crazy soreness). But that is not gonna happen. So today I am going back. Hoping not to experience the same tomorrow.

Okay, what I wanted to share with you are these 5 food bloggers, who I loooove to follow. I follow lots and lots of food bloggers, and love saving recipes and getting inspired, but this ones are the ones I have saved the most delicious recipes from.

1. Half Baked Harvest
A really fun and creative blog, where Tieghan is cooking for her crazy and big family. The food is fare from boring family meals though, but super innovative and inspiring. And mostly healthy and vegetarian as well. She takes so beautiful pictures of all her creations, and I really just wanna try making it all. In fact I haven’t seen anything on her blog where I haven’t thought of it as something I HAVE to try my self. Except for the recipes containing meet of course – but those are rare.

2. Chocolate Covered Katie
A healthy dessert blog. Well that is simply genius. According to her, Katie is eating cake everyday, and sometimes even for breakfast. And if you look at her pictures, you can see that she fare from looks like a person, who eats cake everyday. That sounds like an okay diet-plan for me. Well, all her recipes isn’t off course all the way healthy, but at least they are healthy alternatives to other desserts, and most importantly they are all sooo delicious. Most of her recipes are vegan as well, which I find amazing. Not because I am vegan, but I have actually started to choose vegan alternatives more often, and really love how that is making both my mind and body feel.

3. Naturally Ella
Naturally Ella is cooking all vegetarian, with the constant focus of cooking healthy and delicious at the same time. Sounds just like my thing. If you just take a quick look at her website I promise that your mouth will water, because everything looks amazing! The website is really user friendly as well, so it is super easy to get inspired and find an quick dinner recipe if that’s what you need.

4. Eat Your Self Skinny
Kelly is a fitness and healthy-food enthusiast. All her recipes are therefore healthy, and focused on using good nutritious ingredients. I have especially gotten inspired by her healthy breakfast recipes, which are dishes like overnight muffin oats or berry breakfast quinoa (yum!). Sometimes I get a little bit stuck in my breakfast ways, and it is therefore nice to get some innovative healthy inspiration. The blog is amazing for other things than breakfast as well though. Breakfast is just the meal of the day, where I always prefer to eat healthy and get a good start on the day (cheesy yes – but true).

5. Annie’s eat
Very easy and family inspired dishes, but yet still innovative, healthy and delicious. All the recipes are perfect for inspiration if you need to find something easy and tasty for dinner. She has soo many different categories on her blog; healthy, dessert, whole grain, travel, overnight and even baby food. And many more of course. So there is something for everyone. She has lots of meet-less recipes ass well, just for me!

I hope you all have a perfect Sunday!

– Maja






  • Jules

    Lovely post. Naturally Ella is one of my favourites too, as a vegetarian I am always on the lookout for
    new recipes.
    I have a few on my blog, it’s new but I would really appreciate it if you would take a look,

    Thanks x

  • Maja Harder

    Hi Jules,
    Naturally Ella is perfect for vegetarian inspiration. I will definitely check out your blog as well – you can’t get enough delicious
    food inspiration 🙂