Check out Zaras new collection!

Evening you guys,

I was back at yoga for the first time in two weeks yesterday after my long and annoying sickness – and I felt so “new”, fresh and motivated, and then it ends up with me getting a pain in the pack, which I can’t figure out the english phrase for, but you know that kind of pain that older people get in their neck as well, where you just can’t move or do anything with it without having an enormous pain. It feels like it is stuck. Anyway that’s what I feel, and it does in fact makes me feel like an old lady.. I wasn’t even able to sleep this night as I bent a lot in my back naturally, and therefore couldn’t lay on my back – and that is how I normally sleep. So in my sleep I constantly rolled my self over to experience pain.

Well, today I feel better, not because the pain is gone (it is very much still there), but because I treated myself to some shopping.


I checked out Zaras new collection, and there is some amazing finds among. My favourite purchase is these pink/beige pants, which look so cute and elegant AND they are the most comfortable things I have worn in a long time. Pink is definitely happening right now (no matter if you like it or not), and these kind is a very “easy”-pink, that goes with almost everything in my closet.
It gets even cuter if you mix them with a real pink top though – as the one from Wood Wood. I love the two tops I bought as well, and everything was so cheap! I almost forgot have much I love Zara, after they had a period with not so nice collections. But now they are totally back in my book!


High-rise trousers


Semi sheer printed top


Lace top with frills


And there is a lot more to check out either online or in stores. They have so many cute things right now, I could easily go crazy.

– Maja