Cozy restaurant serving high quality Vietnamese

Goood (early!) morning everyone

I have been up since 6:30, and have a long day ahead of me (which hopefully ends with a glass of wine or two). I can definitely feel that I have gotten my (busy) routine back since 2017 has started, and I could already use a new vacation. Luckily I am going to Copenhagen next Saturday for 4 days to have a little detoxing family and friends time, and I am so looking forward to that. But I am looking even more forward to going somewhere warm! Me and my boyfriend is currently looking on Summer vacations (which seems like too far away!), and I really really want to go to Santorini. I heard it should be so beautiful and idyllic, while at the same time having amazing beaches and lots of city and island life to explore as well – but one of the best things should be the sunset view over the cliffs and classical white greek houses. I have been to Greece many times, but never to the cyclades islands and my boyfriend has never been to Greece (ever!). So that seems like the perfect destination.
I have also started to feel lately like I want to go on a longer trip – like something exiting need to happen – where I can really explore the culture of a country. When I was 19 I went to Venezuela for 3 months, and that was an amazing and challenging experience, and I would love to do something like that again. There is so many places which I haven’t seen yet and obviously I have to see them all! But if I have to start somewhere, I think I would like to visit Australia, as I have never been and I know that the culture and climate is very different from anywhere else I have been.


Okay, enough about travel – I will keep you updated on what’s happening there. The other week I went to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant in the Bank area. It is called something as cute as Sticky Mango (which also was the name of our dessert). I have wanted to try it for a long time, after I had gotten it recommended and it has also the reviews to back it up.
It is a cute and cozy little place that doesn’t really fit into the hectic area, and you quickly oversee it if you don’t know it is there. The concept of the food is sharing platters that are a bit smaller than traditional sizes and the Asian food has further been cooked with a modern twist. I looove Vietnamease food, but the food at Sticky Mango was different than other Vietnamese food I have tried. It was without a doubt super tasty and high quality, but it was innovative and different from what I think of when I think of vietnamese food. But it is definitely “approved” and the menu has plenty of opportunity for coming back – even for vegetarians. As you now I love to explore new flavors and food concepts, so that it is innovative is always a plus in my book, but that day I was actually really craving Vietnamese as I now it from other Copenhagen Vietnamese restaurants, with plenty of vegetables, taste and cashews. I have still to find a go-to place in London that matches my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen. If I had to choose which kind of food is my favorite it would be Vietnamese, and I love cooking it my self and well. So if you know of any place to try please let me know!

Have a good Friday all, and a, hopefully, exiting and relaxing weekend after.

– Maja