Sneaks, Sneaks, Sneaks

Good evening all

I hope you have all had a good weekend. I have had a really good one, with so many things happening. Even though it hasn’t really felt like weekend, as I haven’t really relaxed for one second. But that’s what tonight is for, so that is perfect!
I am so exited because my sister has recently moved to Sheffields (a city in North England), and is now actually living in the same country as me again. It means that it now only (…) takes a two hour train ride to see each other. It is definitely not going to be the same as living 20 minutes from each other, but I have been used to seeing her all the time and from that to nothing is a lot. So seeing each other once or month or something is so big improvements!


The other day I walked pass Size on my way home and saw the Nike Spiridon, which I have been wanting every since they came out – but I was just to slow and they sold out soo fast. I was actually just starting to move on (to new sneak goals), but there they were. Just starring me directly in the eyes. Of course I had to buy them. And I looove them ! I choose the natural colour even though the red one are super cool as well, but I think they have become a little (too) hyped now, and another thing is that the natural colour will just go with way more of my clothes. If I could afford it I would have bought both once, but after a long discussion with both my self, my sister and the sales man from Size I decided to go with these. Their restro-ness make me want to wear them with everything, and I love how they goes perfectly with feminine pieces to make a contrast statement.
If you want them just check out the website, as the store already had sold out in several sizes (thankfully not main) – it pays off to have big feet after all. And apparently I just saw that they are 15 pounds cheaper online ?! wtf?! So either if they have your size or not, online is the smarter choice.

Now, it is time to do nothing and maybe watch some bad Netflix.

– Maja