3 of the coolest stores in London

It definitely took my some time to track down the cool and hidden (not in the middle of Oxford or Carnaby street) London stores, but this city has some Uber nice stores that you should try if you like minimalistic and a bit urban style like me!
Compared to Copenhagen there is so much different style and so many different stores that represent that here in London. Not that there isn’t different style in Copenhagen, but it is still just more similar then here. As I talked about with one of my friends the other day; if you walk around in Copenhagen most of the people from the same age group will have approximately the same style (of course this is very general, but you know what I mean), where when I walk down the streets in London I don’t see one person that looks just a little bit the same, in style, look and clothing. It’s both what I love, and what was so overwhelming when moving here. Not that people wear different clothes then me (I am not that obsessed with clothes don’t worry), but that there is so many different cultures, and ways of behaving – compared to where I am from. I actually thought that Copenhagen was a multi cultural city, but it is nothing compared to London.
Anyway here is my favorite, cool and more unknown London boutique, that is totally worth giving a visit!



I think that this is my absolute fauvorite store in London! They have the coolest mix of brands – everything from WoodWood to Alexander Wang to Ganni, and at the same time, they often feature more un-knowm and up-and-coming brands. They sell both clotting, jewellery and sneakers. But the best thing is their home department downstairs! They have lots of beautiful beautiful interiors – and every time I am there I end up buying something (that I don’t need), because it all fits perfectly into my home goals.

This is obviously a sneakers store. As you probably found out, if you had red along before, I am a sneakers-girl with a big S, and according to me sneakers can work with every outfit and to every occasion (every yes)! So finding a cool sneakers boutique was definitely a first priority when moving to London. Of course there is Size and the other bigger chains, but SneakersNStuff, offers a lot more custom and special collaboration sneaks, along with all the more mainstream once you know from the other sneakers stores of course. This is also one of the stores in London that has (almost) as much girl sneaks as guy sneaks – which is a big plus, and actually a little hard to find hear compared to Copenhagen.

I discovered Folk, when my boyfriend was hear a couple of months ago and was looking for a new winter jacket. We randomly walked by the store in Soho and was instantly drawn to the clean and minimalistic, and at the same time urban style of the clothing. It was unfortunately only mens clothing, but he did find a really really beautiful jacket. A couple of weeks later I discovered the brand in Liberty, with womens wear – yeah. And a couple of weeks ago I actually discovered an all women wear Folk store, only 500 meters from wear I live. Omg, how could I have missed that?! I always walk the other way, whenever I have to go somewhere and have only walked that way one time, where I apparently didn’t notice anything.
Folk is a bit pricy, but amazing for when you want to invest in a jacket or a nice sweater or blouse.


– Maja