All the candy you could dream of !

A little morning update from the airport.
I am finally on my way back to Copenhagen, where I am going to stay for 4 days, hopefully getting grounded and relaxed, and most importantly seeing all the lovely people that I miss so much. It was a really chaotic trip this morning, as my tube first was 10 min delayed (yes only 10 min. but you know how it is when you calculate only having to wait maximum 2 minutes normally). Anyway it was fine, as I was in good time, but then when I got to the station where I had to catch the bus from, I couldn’t find the stop (!). Usually I take it from another place (but then my boyfriend had convinced me that this was faster?!). So I was running panicked back and forward trying to find the stupid stop. As I was wearing my really old classes, and it was raining I couldn’t see much out of the already to low in strength glasses.
Well, I didn’t catch my bus – but luckily I was in such good time that the next one was more than fine, and I arrived with still more than an hour to go in the airport.
So not like me to be in such good time, but thank good I did it this morning.

Okay – so what I wanted to tell you about is this amazing amazing candy store! When you aim at going to bed 9 o’ckolck and getting up 4:30, I obviously didn’t have any wild Friday night plans yesterday. So, when I walked by this candy store that is based daily close to where I live and which I always drool over when walking by – I decided to treat my self with some candy. For an early night with some netflix and sweats. I know I often talk about healthy food and blabla – but sometimes all you need is some candy.
The store is called Hardys – and have everything you can dream off! Even some of my weird danish candy cravings, which is mostly liquorice – but there is this one candy, which is half liquorice and half sweat gummy bear, and I looove it so much. We have them in Denmark and call them skulls (I am sure you call them something less scary here) – but they even had those! crazy!
I bought this delicious (!) dark chocolate with raspberries. And if you like me have a serious weakness for chocolate – you won’t be disappointed either. They have almost all the chocolate I can think off exists. Even with chilies (interesting!).

I think my flight is about to board soon. It is delayed so I am just sitting here on the floor waiting.
Have a fantastic weekend all! – I know I will.

– Maja