Watch wishes!

Another airport update…

I actually thought that the more you fly, the more you become use to it, but I still hate it. Even more when I am alone. I hate waiting and I hate the actual thing, and almost most of all the bus ride from the airport!



The dress is from Envii and the shirt from Ganni. Two of my favorite Danish brands!
I have had 4 amazing sunny days in Copenhagen. I can’t believe how nice the weather was. One day I even sad with my mom and had coffee outside, without a jacket and we were talking about how we even had too much clothes on for the heat. I have seen a lot of my nice friends, my lovely family and my boyfriend, eat a lot (seriously a lot) of food, and seen as much as I could of my amazing city. 4 days isn’t really enough for me to relax, and I have almost been a bit busy (which also is why I haven’t had time for any updates before now), but no matter what it is nice to take my brain away from everyday worries and life in London, and think about and do completely different (and holiday ish) things. I would definitely recommend everybody to try and act like a tourist in their own city just once – there is a lot of nice spots (especially for brunch) that I have discovered after I have lived in London and just visited Copenhagen. Brunch is my favorite “meal” – and I love finding new places to eat it – which is also why I ended up having brunch everyday while I was here. Very nice no complaining. By I think I can roll back now though, and I am craving a little bit going to the gym tomorrow.



While I was in Copenhagen I also did a little bit shopping, and a thing I didn’t buy, but definitely is the next wish on the list, is a new watch from the brand Cluse. The brand is established in Amsterdam and the style is very clean, minimalistic and feminine. And the watches is really not expensive – at all! I especially love this completely silver, super simple one, as I think it will complement all of my outfits perfectly.

– Maja