Geisha meets boxer

Good friday evening guys!
Finally. That is how I am feeling after only two days back at my daily routine haha. No, it has been nice to be back in London as well. And the weather is even much better than when I left. It has just been a very long and busy day today, but also good and productive. Starting with yoga at 7:45 and then just lots of things to do from then until now. But I must say that yoga is a great way of starting the day. I have never done it in the morning before, but that actually makes a difference – at least for me – in how I feel more at ease doing the day.




Kimono: Envii, Jeans; Zara, T-shirt: &OtherStories, Necklace: CharmeAccessories, Belt: Weekday


But now that the day is successfully over, and Friday night is approaching I will definitely need a good class of wine soon. I love how you know that you day is finished, when you can just sit back and relax with a glass of wine or a beer out with friends. Hmm yes that sounds super alco, I know. – But I am not drinking alone don’t worry I have plans.



Okay let me get to the point – my newly bought extremely awesome kimono from the Danish brand Envii. The style is inspired by boxing (I was kindly informed by the sales-lady), which I think is so cool mixed with the traditionally super feminine geisha-ish Kimino-style. I can both use it as a cardigan-thing here until its gets a bit warmer, and when spring hits I will use it over a thin sweater, with some shorts and statement sneaks. Envii deliveres everything free – also to the UK – so check them out if you haven’t yet. They are really one of my favourtite brands, even though they are very very popular in Denmark and therefore a bit mainstream. But their styles are always very up-to-date, minimalistic and super cute. So when I am visiting Denmark I always have to go there. I miss the danish shopping scene a lot actually. I know that London is a fashion capital, but as I have written before, the fashion is just very spread out and it is sometimes hard to find the “good stores”. And more importantly, I find that shopping sometimes is stressing me over here, as people are crazy business-mood-stressed all the time and walking around like marching soldiers – especially in central. And if shopping makes me stress, something is wrong! Also Denmark luckily doesn’t has anything such as Primark yet (my absolute most hated shop here in London), which is just the indication of stressful, fast and ugly shopping. Sorry that is to much for me, and the two times I have been in there was enough. Sooo many people.

I hope you will all get a lovely lovely night and hopefully relaxed weekend as well, after a productive week.

– Maja