Best bikinis to go for this season

Hola all,

Yes so what time should we start thinking about shopping for the perfect bikini? A couple of years ago my sister told me that she saw an article about how you should already start to look for a bikini in April, as the popular styles always get sold out super quickly. When you live in a country so cold as Denmark you rarely think about swimwear until you’re actual going to travel to somewhere warmer, and by that time, at least for me, I have always been running around desperately searching for a good fit. The last couple of years I have instead bought one in May or something, even though I haven’t been needing it. But then I have the freedom to take my time finding the perfect one, and getting the right size before it gets sold out.
Well, if you then think okay but isn’t the end of February a bit early still. Well, tes it is – BUT not if you already booked vaca and is leaving already in the middle of May to Santorini, Fira, for 8 days (wuuuuhuuu) ! I can’t even describe how much I am looking forward to it! And look at the cutest hotel we are going to stay at:


I have wanted to go to Santorini for such a long time. I have been to various places in Greece, but I have heard from so many know that the Cyclades islands should be some of the most beautiful to visit in the country. Santorini has a really idyllic and traditional Greek architecture with white and blue coloured houses, and the city that we are going to stay at is placed right on a cliff creating the most amazing view. Besides being beautiful, Santorini should be the one of the 4 Cyclades islands with most restaurant, bars and city life to explore, so I feel that it is the absolute perfect mix of romance, beach, relaxation and city exploring just for us. The time we are going is also JUST when I have finished my internship and handed in two larger essays, which means I only have my dissertation left – and then I am done with my MA! So a perfect time to celebrate and get away.
Santorini is relatively more expensive to fly to than other Greek islands such as for instance Crete, but we prioritised to go a place we really want to go. That’s is usually also what I would always do, and then save on the hotel. I don’t care if it only has one star, as long as it is in a nice area and have a bed and a bathroom. I am not gonna stay there much anyways, besides for when I am sleeping. I have never understood why people want to buy all-inclusive instead of going out and exploring and trying different food everyday…
But this time we actually just got lucky and found a really cheap hotel that actually seems to be amazingly beautiful, with nice rooms, breakfast and an amazing pool.

1.Sunseeker, here 2.Sukseeker, here 3.TopShop, here

Anyway – bikinis. I have found a couple of possible styles – even though not all brands have released their swimwear collections to stores yet. Some brands already have though, and there is some really cute ones among! Don’t ever be afraid of choosing some colour for you bikini, it just looks amazing for the tanned skin you hopefully are gonna get. I know it is a little scary to jump into a hot pink bikini, when you look and feel extremely pail (like right now, I think is the palest I have ever been. ever.), so then I will just use a more natural bikini from last year the first couple of days 😉 Top shop has some really cute styles this year, and if you haven’t checked out the Australian brand Sunseeker, please do. I think Australia based shops is a good guess for bikini gurus, as it is probably what they were most of the time (okay maybe not – but they are good at bikinis).
I will still wait a little bit with buying it until all the obtains are out, but now I for sure know what to look for 🙂

– Maja