I found it! How to do perfect brows, so easy and simple

Hey yous

Today I want to tell everybody, who, like me, have been looking for the perfect (!) eyebrow pencil, that you don’t have to look any further – it is here!
Like so many others I let the 2000’s trend with plucking your eyebrows into an ugly thin line get to me (I mean how did that happen?! Who ever came up with that trend. Omg), and I have been trying to grow them back ever since. Now they have an okay shape but they are still not very full. I have for a long time been using the Brow Drama brush from Maybelline, which is amazing, and which I have wrote about before is better than any of its luxury brand opponents – look here. But brushing my eyebrows darker only goes so fare when there aren’t enough hair to make them look really full. So therefore I have been looking for a good brow pencil for forever – as I really don’t want to use a whole eyebrow shadow kit – I want something really simple and easy. And I am a bit afraid of it looking “fake” and clumpy as well, so I have been a little afraid of using it.


But after the many many good reviews of the Anastasia brow wiz pencil I decided to go for it. And I have to say it is amazing! It is really really easy to use, even the days were I have been in a hurry (okay almost everyday) and have done it so so clumsy, and thought; what the hell am I doing, my eyebrows have still ended up looking good. It is the tinyness of the liner that makes it so easy. Every line you draw almost looks like real eyebrow hairs, which is also what makes it look super natural. I still use the Brow Drama brush over it, to make my own eyebrow hairs look more comparable with the liner colour and also create a better hold and lasting effect. And it just makes the whole look, look better.
I always go for a couple of shades darker than my natural color, which they say works best for blondes – where if you’re a brunette you should go for 2 shades lighter.



As I am not really comfortable on the vlog(video blogging) front yet, I will refer to this beauty-vlogger, and here very nice illustration of how best to use the wiz – look here.

My best recommendations to try it if you want a fuller brow look, and if you resisted the crazy trend in the 2000’s and just have naturally good looking eyebrows – then bravo, well done 👏 and I am very jealous.

– Maja



A little ugly selfie to end, showing me with the wiz 🙂