Extremely healthy, laid back and tasty breakfast

This place is both cheap, very hipster-trendy, vegetarian, healthy – AND delicious. Because sometimes those things doesn’t really match.

I generally love when I find places here in London, that have more of a chill, maybe a little Scandinavian (if you can say that) attitude, and isn’t super posh with aggressive people, fighting to get a table.
Further I love (weird), healthy food, especially the kind with lots of different and exotic ingredients.


26 grains in Covent Garden is the perfect combination of those two loves! Even though the place is in the middle of Niels yard, popular, and free tables doesn’t actually happen that often, I still got a super comfortable and chill wibe eating there. Maybe because it is half self-service, there is no line, and if a table gets free at the bar – you just take that. 26 grains specialises in porridge and breakfast balls, and have all the different kinds you could imagine, a long with plenty you couldn’t imagine, and think really, porridge with what? But everything is really really tasty, and you can tell that they use some nice organic ingredients. So if you like me like that kind of stuff, you should differently try it next time you maybe have a shopping day, or anything, planned in that area. Prices are very fair as well!
If you’re more into the eggs and bacon and giant pancake tower thing, then maybe go for somewhere else – like the breakfast club, where I eat today, and which I have been many times. Also super okay, and I think there should always be room for both kind of experiences 😉 – Maybe dependent if you are hangover or not. No Breakfast Club actually have some nice bowls and porridge things as well.


I hope you guys have enjoyed your weekend. I have had my sister over, which was really nice, and I could definitely fell that I needed those 2 days off, not doing work or study. It wasn’t actually before she came that I could really feel have stressed I have been. Such a nice weekend, but now I feel like I am getting a bit sick, and I am therefore on my fifth cup of ginger and lemon tea – which should do the job, so I am ready for tomorrow 😉 Or just getting me up in the middle of the night ..

– Maja