Try the new version of the world’s best dry shampoo !

If you like me is a giant fan of dry shampoo and have found the best one in the world is the (super cheap) option from Batiste – it really is the best – then you have to try the brand’s newest edition; 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner! It works just like the shampoo, but at the same time your hair gets super soft, so you gently can come it with your fingers (or just a brush if you have straighthair) and then you’re ready to go. Amazingly simple and easy.

I love using dry shampoo, but sometimes my hair gets even more dry and frizzy after I apply it, and it takes a certain amount of water, hair oil and hair spray to tame it. I think that is quiet normal when you have curly or dry hair. But this products just does everything! Even though I am a beauty junkie I am also a beauty minimalist, and the best thing I know is when a product manages to incorporate several of my routine steps in óne easy step. Like my favourite concealer from Nielens Jord, which both works as a concealer and highlighter, and thus covers darkness under the eyes beautifully and if you turn the product around also makes all blemishes and redness in the skin disappear. Amazing.

And now another multiple product can fit into my beauty shelf! Besides making the hair soft it also adds a little shine, so if you are using a shine spray or similar then you can through that as well! And don’t worry about making you hair any less “matt” (or what do you call it), the conditioner part doesn’t make your hair the slightest greasy. It doesn’t work like that, as it it still in spray form.
That was all for me for now. Hope you guys are good 😘

– Maja