Very pretty, hipster and healthy Nothing Hill restaurant

This beautiful beautiful space of a restaurant is so green and pretty and you can’t help getting happy when stepping insight. There is just such a good wibe! And on top off is the staff super sweet and friendly.

I ate at Farmacy, Nothing Hill, with my sister last weekend, and we were both really exited over the food. Even though it wasn’t gourmet level or particularly innovative or anything, it was still just no bullshit nice vegetarian dishes – dishes that you know. Like a veggie burger, pizza, curry, dahl and so on. They also do some “food bowls” filled with lots of healthy and tasty ingredients! Their Moto is: let food be medicine and medicine be food. And yeah I get if you’re thinking, okay well so I am not gonna eat there. But! They are really not crazy health freaks at all. They have room for a little bit of everything – including delicious cocktails and wine (and isn’t that the most important thing ?!).


I am actually not really that concerned with healthiness when I am eating out at restaurants pr something similar. Then I just want to have a good time, try lots of good food and wine and enjoy the company. Then I eat healthy for breakfast and lunch, and in general in my daily life – but I also do that so I don’t have to think about how much I eat and what if I want to eat out/ go for desserts/ ice cream or whatever. But if food at restaurants/desserts places then manages to be both extra good and healthy – I am sold!
Farmacy definitely manages that, and I will totally recommend trying them for a nice, tasty and healthy lunch if you are in the area. Of course they are also good for dinner, but I would just categorize them as a nice lunch place, as I would probably choose to go with something a little bit more innovative (and with more bread) for dinner 😉
Btw: really embarrassing (why I saved it for last), but first we walked to an actual Pharmacy in Nothing Hill via citymapper, as I had just put the name in and took the first match that came up within that location haha. Sooo, if you are anything like me than double check that you are in fact going to a place that serves food as medicin – and not actual medicin, and spell it with an F not ph..

Have a fantastic Friday night all.

– Maja