Cozy and tasty self-serve Indian infusion!

Good evening guys 😙

I must say that I am feeling super stressed at the moment, with everything going on, and today I really felt like just dropping everything (and by everything I especially mean my MA), and move to somewhere beautiful, happy and sunny like southern France or something and just find an easy job, enjoy life, fight for the things I believe in, start doing yoga everyday and just live happily ever after.
I feel like I kind of have two personalities, one is like a big-city girl, who loves fashion, cocktail nights and giant food markets, and the other one is one that likes yoga, vegan and vegetarian food with lots of weird and healthy ingredients, family time and nature. I think I am really a nice mix of both, even though it is probably still the city girl that is strongest. But maybe I start to feel more the other way when I am stressed, just questioning everything in live that doesn’t make me feel happy or connected in that exact moment.
But I am trying to distract myself from being stressed, and just take it day by day, do lots of exercising, eat healthy, socialize a lot whenever I have the time, look forward to Summer and Santorini, listen to happy music every morning, and write to you here on the blog. Which is why I won’t talk about being stressed anymore – both in real life, but especially here on the blog, I have decided to focus on all the small positive things that makes me happy, distracted, entertained and empowered.

So! let me move on to something exactly that – another restaurant review of a little bit weird, but cool and cozy restaurant I tried yesterday.
I have been wanting to try Tibits for a long time, because of their supposedly great veegtarien obtains (which turned out to be everything. I thought it was just veggie friendly, but it is all veggie) and because if its lots of great reviews. The place is really cool and relaxed (or maybe it was just because that wasn’t so many people), but I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

The concepts is that you pay for how much food you take from their giant and delicious vegetarian and vegan buffet. Everything is really delicious, and they have a lot of options! Even too many maybe, because it takes forever to choice and you end up taking waay to much. The food I tried (which were maybe half of the buffet;) ) were super tasty and fresh. Lots of nice dips and salads, pastas and stirred tofu. While eating we did get more and more confused as to the origins of the food though. I thought is was an Indian restaurant, but it proved to be more of a Indian/Mexican/Japanese/Chinese (an possible more) infusion. Nothing wrong with that though.


The pricing is really fair if you consider how much food we toke. I think we paid 17 pounds each and then 14 pounds for a two liter jug of beer (with ginger/lime extract which was interesting), and I am sure it could have been done cheaper, if you just modify a little bit – even though it is hard. So all in all with the amount of food and drinks we got for the total price, compared to other similar places I’ve tried, I thought it was good value for money.

All in all a great vegetarian place to try, with lots and lots of tasty options. Not super innovative or special though, and I have to say that I am never going to be the biggest fan of buffets, even though it is nice to do sometimes, and have a much more relaxed wibe about it. But it will never be as fresh as it can be at a non-buffet (or what you say) restaurant.

– Maja