Have curls or want them ?

I have tried many many many curl creams and several good once as well – especially one really good one from Trevor Sorbie. But as a total “beautyholic” I can’t resist the erg to try something new and potentially even better (!), especially if a product has received a high enough amount of hype. Which was exactly the reason for me buying the Bumble and Bumble curl cream, and replacing my otherwise amazing one that have sticked with me for several tubes (that is a lot for me). But even though it was amazing – I just had to see how the bubble and bubble edition works on my hair.

Compared to my Trevor Sorbie one the B&B edition makes my curls a little big “bigger”, longer and softer, instead of the small curls with lots of thickness – if you know what I mean. I actually really like that about it as (especially when you have shorter hair like me) to much curlcream effect can tend to sometimes look to messi and wild. What I also like is that my hair behaves much better the day after I have washed my hair and used the product! It is like it doesn’t dry my curls out as much, making it easy to create the same look again without washing the hair – just use a little bit miracle hair cure first, and then hug the curls with a little but cream after.
Another attractive thing about Bumble and Bumble’s curl cream is that girls with total flat hair can get curls from using it. Trust me I have tested it on a friend and you just need to use the right technique! Here is how you can use it on different hair types:

If you already have curls:
Simple hug a little bit of the product in your wet/damp hair and your curls will miraculously appear softer, less frizzy and shinny.

If you don’t have any curls:
Use about a 1-pound-size amount of the cream and hug your hair up, will haven your head down – do it for about 1 min and try twisting small tots of you hair around your finger in the process. Then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair – high heat but low power – until it is almost dry. While still a bit wet use the product again – just half the amount. Finish with hair spray. Lots 😊

Even though it is pretty expensive – it is definitely worth it!
I am really looking forward for this weekend, as the boyfriend is visiting from Denmark and the weather is soooo amazing. Hope you all will be able to enjoy it ❤❤