Sneaks, Sneaks, Sneaks 3

Hallo GuysÂ đŸ˜˜

It has been some time since I wrote here (or compared to what I am use to) – but I have just been sooo busy. Both with visit from Denmark, school, work, people to see and yea just life. But I am a bit sad about it as blogging usually gets my mind off life, not that I don’t love enjoying life and don’t prefer it over sitting on my computer (which I also love sometimes), but sometimes it can be really good to just gather your thought, and I think blogging is a really healthy way for me to reload. – And I love to share my experiences and foodie/fashion finds with you as well đŸ™‚


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So – I have a new top top sneakers wish on the list. I am totally embracing the pink-era that is over us – pink is everywhere – and I love it – enough with scandinavian minimalistic black, white and denim – I want pinkness. And the sneaks I have found on the top of my lists all have small details off pink, with the Adidas ClimaCool being totally pink. Even better. And it is also those I want the most. They are super retro and “future-spacy” at the same time, which I love. I feel like I see them everywhere, and that they are calling me… I also really like the Naked/Reebok InstaPump, which actually is a danish brand collaboration with the known sneaker brand.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend, and are with good energy <3

– Maja